Statement on Keating Report by William F. Lee

As chair of the Harvard Corporation subcommittee that received Michael Keating's report, I want to express our gratitude to Mr. Keating and his colleagues for their effort and care in preparing a thorough and independent report. They have provided the Corporation and the Harvard community with a detailed account of the facts concerning the searches of email or email metadata conducted last September arising from matters then before the Harvard College administrative board.

We are grateful as well to the numerous individuals who spoke with Mr. Keating at his request and who provided him with information helpful to his review.

Mr. Keating found those involved in the searches to have acted in good faith and with a guiding desire to safeguard the confidentiality of the Ad Board process. That aspect of his report is reassuring.  His detailed account of how these searches were done, however, makes it even clearer than before that there is much work ahead in improving the University's policies and protocols concerning privacy of, and access to, electronic communications.  The committee appreciates the willingness of Professor David Barron and his task force to take on that important work and to learn from this episode as we look forward.