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Andrew Beam

Andrew Beam: GenAI for improving grant writing

Iavor Bojinov

Iavor Bojinov: Data analysis for non-coders

Molly Brady

Molly Brady: Creating novel legal problems for classes

Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner: Learning by teaching chatbots

Jeff Bussgang

Jeffrey Bussgang: Enhancing student course preparation

Liao Cheng

Liao Cheng: Exploring the role of AI in education

Stephen Chong

Stephen Chong: GenAI as a peer learner

Jacob Cook

Jacob Cook: Using GenAI to reduce plagiarism

Louis Deslauriers

Louis Deslauriers: Understanding student learning in real-time

Maria Dikcis

Maria Dikcis: Appreciation for the human perspective

Jose Luis García del Castillo y López

Jose Luis García del Castillo y López: Augmenting the design processes and enhancing the creative process

David Dockterman

David Dockterman: Harnessing GenAI as a collaborative tool in educational problem-solving

Sharad Goel

Sharad Goel: Building an AI Slackbot to tutor students

Rem Koning

Rem Koning: Using ChatGPT to assist with feedback

Dan Levy

Dan Levy: Understanding student learning in class

Nicole Mills

Nicole Mills: Using GenAI to create interactive games

Daniele Olveczky

Daniele Olveczky: Using GenAI images as teaching tools

Adrienne Phelps-Coco

Adrienne Phelps-Coco: Preparing students for AI in course design

Adam Rodman

Adam Rodman: Enhancing the decision-making processes

Todd Rogers

Todd Rogers: Teaching effective written communication skills

Jane Rosenzweig

Jane Rosenzweig: Cultivating critical perspectives on GenAI in education

Richard Schwartzstein

Richard Schwartzstein: Enhancing analytical reasoning

Mark Succi

Marc Succi: Using scenarios to bridge the gap from textbook to practice

Teddy Svoronos

Teddy Svoronos: Using AI to create unlimited practice problems

Tari Tan

Tari Tan: Effective use of AI in teaching and design

Charles Waldheim

Charles Waldheim: Using AI to analyze and interpret large data sets

Mitch Weiss

Mitchell Weiss: Using GenAI to practice solving real-world problems

Bill Wisser

Bill Wisser: Practical applications of GenAI in the classroom

Alex Yuen

Alex Yuen: Exploring AI in the classroom with deeper discussions


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