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On-campus Event Guidance

Harvard’s goal is to reduce the number of people on campus in order to slow the potential transmission of the virus and protect vulnerable populations from exposure. All members of the Harvard community are asked to help in this effort.

If you are planning a School-sponsored gathering at Harvard, Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) offers the following guidance:

  • For outdoor gatherings, participants should be limited to no more than 25; for indoor gatherings, participants should be limited to 10; overall, we discourage any indoor gatherings at this time. Please be aware that event staff and organizers also count toward the capacity limits. PLEASE NOTE: Individual Schools (including Harvard College) may have guidance regarding lower limits for gatherings. Please refer to your local School or department.
  • HUHS strongly discourages food and beverages for outdoor events and no food or beverages should be involved in indoor gatherings as individuals will need to remove their masks to eat or drink.
  • While HUHS does not encourage Schools to contemplate outdoor gatherings larger than the limits set forth above, in those instances in which a School would like consider that option, you are required to consult with Sue Fitzgerald from HUHS at, who will involve Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) as appropriate, to ensure that proper public health measures are being taken.
  • Regardless of the size of any planned gathering, HUHS and EH&S can provide helpful input on the physical layout and planned activities to ensure that the most optimal public health measures are being taken.
  • For gatherings of any size, remind attendees of simple measures to lower risk and prevent spread of viruses (wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, etc). Ensure easy access to handwashing facilities, and make sure alcohol-based sanitizers are readily available to all participants.