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For international students and scholars

International students and scholars are encouraged to receive a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible, if it is available in your country. All vaccines authorized by the World Health Organization (WHO) will meet the University’s vaccine requirement. Harvard advises to seek whatever vaccine is available to you locally, so that you can be protected as soon as possible. Please do not delay your vaccination if you have access to a vaccine, even if it is not currently WHO-authorized.

You can read more about the requirement and how to submit documentation on the Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) website. As with existing student requirements for other vaccines, exceptions will be provided only for medical or religious reasons.

If you are unable to access a vaccine

If you are unable to access an FDA- or WHO-authorized vaccine before the fall, the University will offer vaccination with an mRNA vaccine on arrival to all Harvard affiliates with a Harvard ID. Visit the University’s Vaccine Information webpage to learn more about planning your vaccine. We recommend pre-booking your appointment before your arrival so you have a clear plan in place.

Students who are unable to access an authorized vaccine should also contact HUHS in order to remove the registration hold placed on students who have not yet verified their vaccine. Under such circumstances, the requirements can be deferred until arrival at the Harvard campus, at which point students should schedule a vaccination. HUHS gives students instructions on how to reach the office at the time when they communicate noncompliance.

International students who arrive without an authorized vaccination and who are not exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms are not required to follow a strict quarantine, but are advised to avoid large gatherings such as parties until they are vaccinated.

Upon returning to campus

Harvard will not require international students and scholars to quarantine off-campus before moving into campus housing or engaging in on campus activities. Assuming that newly arriving international students and scholars tested negative prior to arriving in the U.S., and have no symptoms or confirmed COVID exposures, international students and scholars will also not have to quarantine before getting their vaccines from HUHS.

However, unvaccinated individuals must follow Harvard’s Arrival Guidance for testing cadence and mask wearing.

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If you are unable to access an FDA- or WHO-authorized vaccine before the fall, the University will offer vaccination on arrival to all Harvard affiliates with a Harvard ID.

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