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For Faculty, Staff, and Researchers

Harvard has implemented a multi-pronged approach for our faculty, staff, and researchers to safely resume their on-campus activities in Fall 2021. Our collective commitment to the required health and safety protocols will enable a safer return to campus for the entire community and reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19.

For staff, faculty, and researchers who have not been on campus since March 2020, the checklist below will help you prepare for your return. It includes everything from Harvard’s public health requirements like testing cadences and masking, to logistical support with commuting and connecting new devices to secure Wifi.

The list of FAQs below the checklist covers common concerns about testing, test results, privacy, masking, physical distancing, Color, and Crimson Clear.

In addition to the University-wide policies, each School, Unit, and department may have their own specific guidance for on-campus activities based on their unique needs. For local guidance and specific questions, contact your supervisor, local testing coordinator, or HR staff in your unit.

Other helpful resources to inform your return include:

Campus checklist for employees

Verify your vaccination

Every Harvard affiliate must record their vaccination status with HUHS before coming to campus.

Wear a mask

Always have a mask handy. They are required inside all Harvard buildings, and are an effective way to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Test regularly

Maintain your assigned testing cadence. All University affiliates with an on-campus presence, even if infrequent, are required to participate in Harvard's testing program.

Stay home if you feel unwell

Use Crimson Clear to inform us if you have symptoms, have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or have tested positive outside of the University’s testing program or HUHS.

Understand your exposure risk

HUHS will conduct contact tracing for individuals exposed to a COVID-positive person. If you think you have been exposed, review HUHS' guidance to determine your risk and next steps.

Find new ways to commute

COVID-19 has changed the way we commute. Campus Services has announced new, flexible options to accommodate the changes.

Get your technology ready

Back to campus means reintegrating your phone, computer, and other devices with campus systems. HUIT has prepared some tips to make the process smoother.

Read HR's guidance

Human Resources has put together a comprehensive list of answers to common questions about returning to campus.

Stay informed

Each School and Unit at Harvard is adapting their return-to-campus plan to their community's needs. Stay in touch with local leaders, and visit the School & Program Information page for updates.

Follow posted instructions in campus buildings & spaces

Follow the health and safety signage you’ll see around campus for properly using and navigating spaces. Be patient as we all learn new habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

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