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For Faculty, Staff, and Researchers

Keeping Our Offices, Labs, and Facilities Safe

Harvard has implemented an adaptable, multi-pronged approach for our faculty, staff, and researchers to safely resume their on-campus activities. Our collective commitment to the required health and safety protocols will enable a safer return to campus for the entire community and reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19.

The checklist below is intended to help you stay healthy while working on campus. It includes everything from Harvard’s public health requirements, to logistical support with commuting, to connecting new devices to secure Wifi.

The list of FAQs below the checklist covers common concerns about testing, test results, privacy, masking, physical distancing, Color, and Crimson Clear.

In addition to the University-wide policies, each School, Unit, and department may have their own specific guidance for on-campus activities based on their unique needs. For local guidance and specific questions, contact your supervisor, local testing coordinator, or HR staff in your unit.

Other helpful resources to inform your return include:

Campus checklist for employees

Get vaccinated and boosted

Harvard is requiring COVID-19 vaccines for all community members and one COVID-19 booster for all eligible community members. This includes employees.

Keep a mask handy

Face coverings are optional in all indoor and outdoor spaces on Harvard’s campuses. Schools and Central Administration Units may continue to require masking in certain settings as they deem appropriate, and schools may grant discretion to individual faculty to require masking in their classrooms. If you feel the need to continue to wear a mask for your own protection, or to protect someone close to you, you should do so.

Test when you need to

While Harvard is no longer requiring routine testing for COVID-19, all affiliates have the option of doing so if they wish, by taking a self-administered test and submitting it via Color. Anyone with symptoms or known exposure should also continue to test and follow HUHS guidance. 

Stay home if you feel unwell

Use Crimson Clear to report if you have symptoms, have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or have tested positive outside of the University’s testing program or HUHS.

Understand quarantine & isolation requirements

Review HUHS' exposure, quarantine, and isolation requirements if you think you have been exposed or if you have tested positive.

Know your commuting options

COVID-19 has changed the way we commute. Campus Services offers new, flexible options to accommodate the changes.

Read HR's guidance

Human Resources has put together a comprehensive list of answers to common questions about returning to campus.

Stay informed

Each School and Unit at Harvard is adapting their COVID-19 plan to their community's needs. Stay in touch with local leaders, and visit the School & Program Information page for updates.

Follow posted instructions in campus buildings & spaces

Follow the health and safety signage you’ll see around campus for properly using and navigating spaces. Be patient as we all learn new habits.

Frequently Asked Questions

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