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Communication Resources

Harvard urges its affiliates to inform themselves on the facts of COVID-19, to wear face coverings, and to practice good personal hygiene, physical distancing, and other CDC-recommended measures to lower the risk of transmission.

We encourage you to use and distribute the communication resources below—including the “Keep Harvard Healthy” campaign materials, EH&S building and workplace signage, and HUHS and CDC fact sheets and posters with tips on stopping the spread of germs, wearing face coverings, physical distancing, and managing anxiety.

An illustration of hands holding a maks, test tube, and thermometer, with a banner that says "Keep Harvard Healthy"

Keep Harvard Healthy materials

Keep Harvard Healthy is a university-wide public health awareness campaign designed to encourage best practices and personal responsibility in combating the spread of COVID-19.

Harvard community members are encouraged to make use of the finished collateral, design elements, and templates, which include:

Yard Banners
Digital Display Screen Files
Table Tents/Table Cards
Social Media Graphics
Letter-Sized Placards
Shuttle Bus Signage
Watermark Graphics, Banners, Templates, and Other Flexible Items

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