Health & Safety Notices

July 6, 2020

A total of one hundred and forty (140) members of the Harvard community have tested positive (or presumptive positive) for COVID-19 and are receiving appropriate care. These individuals include people who have been tested by Harvard University Health Services (HUHS), and those who have been tested elsewhere and self-reported to HUHS, including individuals who have left the Boston-Cambridge area. As virus transmission and testing increase worldwide, and as some of our community members return to campus, we will update this page with the number of known positive test cases among the Harvard community.

Please Respect Individuals' Privacy

Anonymity for these individuals remains paramount. Please respect their privacy — even if you believe you know who they are — so they can focus completely on their health. As a community, we must do everything we can to support these individuals and one another through this incredibly difficult time.

Contact Tracing Efforts are Underway

Guided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local public health agencies, Harvard has established protocols for evaluating individuals who have symptoms of COVID-19. In line with those protocols, the Department of Public Health oversees contact investigation and notification. Persons who have had close contact with the individuals in question have been notified by the Department of Public Health in accordance with standard public health principles. If you have not been notified, then you are not deemed to have increased risk because of exposure to these individuals.

Know When to Self-isolate/Quarantine

If you are concerned that you may have been exposed to COVID-19, please review and follow HUHS’ guidance on whether you should self-isolate/quarantine. Email HUHS at if you need further advice or have symptoms.

Contact HUHS if You Have Been Tested for COVID-19

Even if you do not usually get medical care at HUHS, please let us know if you are being tested or if you tested positive for COVID-19. This will help us assess the impact on our community. Email us at

Take Preventative Measures

Every single one of us has the responsibility and the power to keep our community safe. Please continue to take these steps to keep yourself and those around you safe, especially those most vulnerable.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health in this time of uncertainty.