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COVID-19 Guidance for Spring Break and Other Travel

Dear Members of the Harvard Community, 

We write with substantially updated guidance on Spring Break and other travel with respect to coronavirus (COVID-19).

For Spring Break and the near future: 

  • Harvard prohibits University travel to all jurisdictions with Level 3 Travel Warning for coronavirus from the CDC: mainland China, Iran, Italy, and South Korea.
  • We strongly discourage personal travel to jurisdictions with a Level 3 Travel Warning.
  • Any traveler arriving from these areas (including short-term visitors to campus) must:
    • complete this confidential health form prior to your return, and
    • self-isolate in accordance with guidance from HUHS and your School or Department. Most self-isolations will last a minimum of 14 days.
    • This also applies to travelers who are already in these jurisdictions.
  • These requirements will be imposed for any jurisdiction the CDC raises to Level 3 for coronavirus in the coming weeks.

For travel to/from other destinations:

  • We discourage all non-essential international travel for now. If you decide to travel, be aware that health resources in those areas if they are affected by coronavirus. You may be subject to governmental travel restrictions with little or no notice, and airlines may limit or cancel flights without warning. You will be subject to any restrictions in place at the time of your return, not only at the time of departure. Return to the U.S. may be difficult, and after your arrival you may be required to stay away from campus.
  • If you do travel internationally:

 For domestic travelers:

  • The known prevalence of COVID-19 infection in the U.S. is changing rapidly.  Use caution and judgment in planning domestic travel, and check for the latest information before embarking on your trip.

For incoming visitors to campus:

  • Any visitor arriving to campus from a Level 3 jurisdiction (currently mainland China, Iran, Italy, and South Korea), must follow the same guidance as Harvard affiliates: complete the HUHS health form and self-isolate until receiving guidance from HUHS, usually a minimum of 14 days.
  • This also applies to visitors who have been invited to campus by Harvard groups and programs.

Please visit Harvard’s new coronavirus website which is frequently updated with the latest guidance and resources.

Everyone in our community is advised to practice appropriate hygiene and preventive measures to prevent the spread of viral illness on campus. Let us not be complacent in the simple steps that we can all take during cold and flu season. 

We are deeply grateful for the sustained efforts and cooperation of the Harvard community in addressing this public health challenge. We recognize the challenge that this situation presents for our entire community and appreciate the cooperation and assistance of every one of you. Senior University leaders and officials from each School are meeting frequently to review, update, and communicate contingency plans. We will continue to send regular announcements and to update the Harvard coronavirus website. If you know of Harvard community members who might not receive this message, please share it with them.


Alan M. Garber AB ’77, PhD ’82, MD

Katie Lapp
Executive Vice President, Harvard University

Giang T. Nguyen MD, MPH, MSCE, FAAFP
Executive Director, Harvard University Health Services