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For Visitors

As the local public health situation improves, schools and units may decide to welcome visitors to campus.

The following applies to official and unofficial visitors who are invited to campus by members of the Harvard community. This does not necessarily apply to persons who are participating in activities meant for the general public (e.g., using publicly available common spaces, visiting museums, attending ticketed events that are open to the general public, accessing public spaces on Harvard’s campus).

Anyone sponsoring an official visitor or inviting unofficial visitors must inform them of University policies and have them agree to assess their own health and avoid all campus activities if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Sponsoring organizations are also encouraged to keep a log of official visitors and dates on-site to aid in contact tracing efforts.

Visitors who will be on campus for 7 days or less:

  • Are encouraged to receive a COVID-19 test on the day of arrival through a local clinic or pharmacy at their own expense.
  • Assuming you have no COVID symptoms and no known exposure to an infected person, it is okay to participate in in-person activities, following appropriate masking policies.
  • Unvaccinated travelers from international points of departure should test again on day 4 or 5 (in addition to the arrival date) and must avoid close, unmasked social activities, including social gatherings and dining with other unvaccinated people, until a negative result is received for the arrival test.

Visitors who are on campus for more than 7 days:

  • Should follow the University Post-Travel COVID Testing and Quarantine Policy.
  • Be added to Harvard’s systems as a person of interest (POI) and issued a temporary Harvard ID number if not already part of Harvard’s system. This is the responsibility of the sponsoring Harvard department.
  • Enroll in the University’s testing program. This is the responsibility of the sponsoring department.
  • Communicate vaccination status for the purposes of determining testing frequency and other safety requirements, and keep documentation of vaccination readily available.

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