Harvard University-wide COVID-19 Testing Dashboard

The Harvard University-wide COVID-19 Testing Dashboard shares data from regular screening put in place as part of the University’s health and safety protocols. Only a limited number of students and personnel are authorized to be on campus, as the majority of Harvard’s community continues to work and learn remotely. The Dashboard data is relative to individuals, living both on and off campus, authorized to participate in Harvard’s COVID-19 screening.1

Individuals authorized to participate in Harvard’s COVID-19 screening are tested regularly (see testing protocols). Data is not combined with other testing sources or providers. The University will share additional information as data availability expands.

All data is as of 9:45 am, 11/25/2020

Note: As planned for the fall semester, the majority of undergraduate and graduate residential students moved out of on-campus housing November 22nd and are no longer participating in the University’s regular viral testing program. The students who have approval to remain in on-campus housing for the remainder of the semester will continue to participate in the testing program.

Note: Case investigation has revealed no cases within the last seven days involving suspected disease transmission within the workplace or educational settings.

The COVID-19 dashboard will NOT be updated on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 26th. The Friday daily update will include two days (11/25 and 11/26) of COVID-19 data.