Harvard University-wide COVID-19 Testing Dashboard

The Harvard University-wide COVID-19 Testing Dashboard shares data from regular screening put in place as part of the University’s health and safety protocols. The data is relative to only those individuals authorized to be on campus. Only a limited number of students and personnel are authorized to be on campus, as the majority of Harvard’s community continues to work and learn remotely.

Individuals authorized to be on campus are tested 1 to 3 times a week (see testing protocols). In some instances, based on contact tracing activities, the University may screen members of the Harvard community who are not currently authorized to be on campus, but who may have been exposed to another Harvard community member known to have the virus. That data is included in this dashboard, as well, within the appropriate undergraduate, graduate or faculty, staff, and other affiliates category. Data is not combined with other testing sources or providers. The University will share additional information as data availability expands.

All data is as of 9:30 am, 9/22/2020