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Spring Break Travel Registration Instructions for Students and Residential Staff

If you have been permitted to remain in Harvard dorms and housing beyond March 15, 2020, we need to know if you’re traveling over spring break—for your individual wellbeing and our collective public health safety. Please help us help you and keep our community safe.

Travel can increase the risks of exposure for you and the community. As a reminder, the travel policies and campus restrictions in place through at least April 30 state that University-related international travel is prohibited, as is University-related non-essential domestic air travel. Further, all personal international travel is strongly discouraged and we ask our community members to exercise extreme caution with respect to personal domestic travel. Consequently, for your individual health and to protect the broader community’s health—including your fellow students and staff members who will remain on campus—we strongly discourage any personal travel over spring break.

If you have been permitted to remain in Harvard dorms and housing and you have chosen to engage in personal international or domestic travel over spring break, you must:

  • Register your travel (international or domestic) in International SOS MyTrips
    • For purpose of trip, select “Spring Break 2020” 
    • If you have already registered your trip, you must edit the purpose of trip section. 
  • Complete the HUHS health form 48 hours before returning to Harvard dorms or housing. 
    • HUHS will follow up individually to provide you with advice and support. 
    • Assume that you may need to self-isolate for 14 days upon your return; do not return to your normal activities until you have been contacted by HUHS. 
    • Unless you are told otherwise, you may self-isolate in Harvard dorms or other housing. 

Please note that if you choose to travel over spring break, the rapidly changing government travel restrictions and public health measures may make it very difficult for you to return to campus and to resume your academic and professional activities.