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Testing & Exposure

Harvard no longer requires surveillance testing for COVID-19, however all affiliates with an on-campus presence are encouraged to test before/after travel and when there is increased risk or suspicion about COVID-19 infection. Those who have been exposed or tested positive should seek guidance from Harvard University Health Services regarding next steps. Anyone who tests positive outside of the HUHS clinic or Color program should report their positive results in Crimson Clear.

Rapid Antigen Tests are readily available at your local pharmacies and through your insurance, can be done at home, and provide results in minutes. We encourage all Harvard community members to be prepared by obtaining antigen test kits and having them accessible in the event that you might need to test. Scroll down for more information about Rapid Antigen Testing.

PCR testing through Color is no longer available through Harvard, as of September 16, 2022. PCR testing can still be obtained from pharmacies and healthcare providers as needed. Individuals will not be able to activate PCR test kits, and will receive an error message noting they are “ineligible” for testing at this time. To find PCR testing options in your vicinity you can visit the Massachusetts Find a COVID-19 Test website.

To request a COVID-related accommodation, employees should contact or your local HR; students should contact your School’s local student disability coordinator.


Rapid Antigen tests

Antigen tests, also known as “at-home” tests, are a quick, affordable, and easy to access way to screen yourself for COVID.  The FDA has also extended the expiration dates for many at-home tests. Tests are offered by many local health departments, and individuals may also buy tests online or in pharmacies and retail stores, which may be eligible for reimbursement by private health insurance providers. Harvard affiliates covered by HUGHP can use Express Scripts to order 8 free antigen tests per month.

If you test positive outside of Harvard’s testing program, you should report your positive result to HUHS via Crimson Clear. People should also read the CDC’s guidance on minimizing the risk of false negative tests to ensure the most accurate testing possible.

Reporting a positive antigen test

Students, staff, and faculty who exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 or believe they were exposed are encouraged to confirm their COVID status using a rapid antigen test.

Learn Remotely

COVID-19 Testing and Tracing

Data collection and privacy

Learn what data will be collected, how data will be used, and what the University is doing to protect your privacy.

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