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Harvard University-wide COVID-19 Testing Dashboard

The Harvard University-wide COVID-19 Testing Dashboard shares data from optional and symptomatic screening of Harvard community members enrolled in the University’s testing program. The data below is reflective of the positivity rate of affiliates that have taken advantage of the optional testing program, or are required to test because they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

The data below reflects results of the University’s COVID-19 testing program; it is not combined with other testing sources or providers.

In addition to testing, campus-wide vaccination and boosters are the best defense against the coronavirus. Harvard is requiring COVID vaccination for all community members and COVID-19 boosters for all eligible community members.

Harvard University Vaccination Rates2 (as of 1/13/22):

  • 97% of Employees Vaccinated
  • 98% of Students Vaccinated

Vaccination rates will be updated as needed.

Testing and tracing data in the dashboard below is updated daily by 10 am local time.

New Positive Cases - Last 7 Days

Last 7 days


Harvard total tests3


New positive cases


Harvard positivity rate4

Isolation: Current & Cumulative Since June 1, 2020


Current in Isolation5


Completed Isolation


Total Isolation

Cases & Testing: Cumulative Since June 1, 2020


Total positive cases


Total undergraduate student positive cases6


Total graduate student positive cases6


Total faculty, staff, or other affiliates positive cases7


Total tests conducted


Total undergraduate student tests


Total graduate student tests


Total faculty, staff, or other affiliates tests7

Area data

Massachusetts (7 day rate)


Positivity rate8 as of 5/19

Boston (14 day rate)


Positivity rate8 as of 5/19

Cambridge (14 day rate)


Positivity rate8 as of 5/19


  1. Individuals authorized to participate in Harvard’s COVID-19 screening include students, faculty, staff, and other affiliates authorized to be on campus as well as any primarily remote affiliates who HUHS advises to come on campus to test.
  2. Vaccination rates are based on the number of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and researchers.
  3. “Total tests” is cumulative and includes repeat tests that are required of students, faculty, staff, and other affiliates.
  4. Harvard positivity rate is calculated based on valid tests completed among the tested population, and currently reflects the positivity rate among the asymptomatic screening the University is conducting. In April/May of 2022, the University shifted from mandatory to optional testing of the campus population, which should be considered why comparing positivity rates to those of prior months with regular surveillance.
  5. Isolation data reflects isolations among those individuals authorized to live on campus or be on campus for a work or academic purpose, and includes both individuals isolating within Harvard facilities and those directed to isolate within their home. Due to changes in Harvard’s contact tracing procedures, the University is no longer reporting quarantine data as of early 2022. From June 1, 2020-January 12, 2022, the cumulative total quarantine number for individuals in Harvard’s testing program was 1,807.
  6. “Graduate Students” and “Undergraduate Students” includes students who are eligible to participate in Harvard’s testing program; this includes students living in on-campus housing, those working in labs, and those authorized to be on campus for an academic or work purpose.
  7. “Faculty, Staff, and Other Affiliates” includes faculty, academic and non-academic staff, and others (such as contractors) who are eligible to participate in Harvard’s testing program; this includes faculty or staff working on campus, living on campus, or otherwise authorized to be on campus.
  8. State and local data reflect tests conducted in these geographic communities and include persons who have symptoms or have had contact with someone diagnosed with COVID. Source: Massachusetts Department of Public Heath 


  • Cumulative data reflects Harvard’s initiation of protocols in early June 2020 for regular screening through COVID-19 testing in conjunction with the re-opening of science laboratory facilities under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ phased re-opening plan.
  • As stated above, the University’s data reflects results of optional and symptomatic screening of individuals who elect to test or are symptomatic for COVID-19. Harvard’s data does not include positive test results that were conducted outside of the University’s testing program (i.e. via personal healthcare providers or at-home tests) and reported to us.
  • Data are presented according to the date tests are administered. Counts for most recent dates may be incomplete, but will be updated as results are reported.
  • Data regarding isolation is subject to change based on ongoing contact tracing investigations.
  • This dashboard is informational only, and is not intended to be used as public health guidance.