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Local COVID-19 Data

Harvard considers data from the public health departments of Cambridge, Boston, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to inform the University’s response, guidance, and protocols for managing COVID-19 in our community. This includes monitoring COVID positivity rates and wastewater data from around the region, both of which are linked below.

Positive antigen at-home test results from affiliates that are reported to HUHS are not reported to the relevant public health departments, and are reflected in the data from those agencies, linked below.

The resources included on this page are intended to inform individuals about the state of COVID-19 locally. Combined with personal and family health conditions, vaccination status, and other factors, individuals should use this information to determine the most appropriate precautions to take such as masking and social distancing.

Wastewater treatment plant on Deer Island

Wastewater Data

MWRA wastewater testing data, which is independent of testing rates in the community, has correlated well with the virus’s prevalence in our community and is therefore a strong benchmark. University leaders closely monitor the wastewater data to determine what public health precautions are necessary.

See Data from the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority

Surgical masks

Know your COVID-19 Community Level

A tool from the CDC that lets you see the rate of coronavirus in your county, and suggests what precautions you should take in different situations.

See up-to-data information near you