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Quarantine & Isolation

As part of the University’s multi-layered approach to health and safety, Harvard has established quarantine and isolation procedures that reduce the risk of outbreaks on campus and provide the necessary support for individuals who may need to quarantine or isolate.

Quarantine and isolation are ways to keep healthy individuals separated from individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 or who have been identified as close contacts of those who have tested positive.

Support services during isolation or quarantine

  • Although you’ll be in quarantine or isolation, you’re not alone. Harvard administrators have established a multi-layered system to support you.
  • HUHS will conduct regular health and wellness checks.
  • If you live in a School-operated residence hall, your campus dining service provider will deliver your daily meals, beverages, snacks, and disposable utensils, napkins, cups, and plates. You’ll order your food each day following the instruction of your campus dining operator. Operations staff will also deliver a 7-day bundle of necessary supplies, including medical supplies, and cleaning products, remove your trash daily, and replenish your supplies as needed.
    • Note: Schools are not positioned to deliver meals and supplies to individuals residing in Harvard University Housing and other off-campus housing locations.
  • For students: a School representative will contact you regarding academic support, the specifics for supporting your isolation period, and to address any other needed supports.
  • For faculty, staff, and researchers: review Harvard HR’s Covid-19 policy on use of sick time and dependent care sick time. If you are able to teach or work, you will need to do so remotely. Leadership in your School or unit will follow up with you and discuss options.

When and How to Quarantine

When and How to Isolate