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Post-Travel COVID Testing Policy

As Harvard community members resume travel, Harvard recognizes that conditions vary regionally and certain travel increases individuals’ risk of COVID-19. Because of that, the University has implemented policies for community members who travel and return to campus.

  • This page details post-travel testing requirements for both vaccinated and unvaccinated community members with an on-campus presence who take a personal or business trip within the US or internationally.
  • This page is not intended for students who are entering campus for the first time, or re-entering after spending time away from campus. For students newly arriving back to campus, refer to the student arrival protocols page.

Harvard’s post-travel COVID testing policy may change as the course of the pandemic changes. If you fall into more than one category below, you should follow the more restrictive guidance.

If you have questions about the post-travel COVID testing policy, consult your local testing coordinator or Harvard University Health Services.

If you traveled domestically

If you traveled internationally