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For students returning to campus

With most undergraduate and graduate programs at Harvard set to resume more normal activities in the fall, Harvard University Health Services has created student arrival protocols with the goal of creating a safer return to campus for the entire community, and reducing the risk of COVID-19.

What to do upon arrival
  • Students must take a COVID-19 test on their arrival day, on day 4 or 5 after arrival, and 1 week after arrival. 
  • Formal quarantine is not required while results are being processed, but HUHS recommends minimizing social activity at least until the first negative test result. Assuming no COVID symptoms, students may attend educational or administrative activities such as classes and orientation sessions. Please avoid social events (parties/receptions) and avoid dining in proximity with others until you have your first negative test.
  • Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 must self-isolate and notify Harvard University Health Services via Crimson Clear.
  • Unvaccinated persons should seek vaccination within days of arrival. Free COVID-19 vaccine appointments can be made in advance here.
  • Unvaccinated persons should also follow all campus rules for masking and distancing that apply to persons who are not fully vaccinated.
  • International travelers must also have a negative test 3 or fewer days prior to arrival to U.S. More information for international scholars can be found on the International Students and Scholars webpage.
Course registration

Students who have not verified their vaccine with HUHS, or are unvaccinated without a University-approved exemption, will have a registration hold placed on their student account and will not be able to register for classes. To lift the hold, students must upload their vaccination record to the secure HUHS portal.

Students who live in areas where they are unable to access an FDA- or WHO-authorized vaccine should reach out to HUHS to defer their vaccination requirement and lift the hold, and schedule a vaccine appointment as soon as possible upon their arrival.

For additional guidance specific to each School, visit the School & Program Information page

Return to campus checklist

Need help connecting to the right resource? Call the COVID Resource Connector:
(617) 496-3100