First study of radiation exposure in human gut offers hope

Organ-on-a-chip is a starting point for radioprotective drugs for cancer patients

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Still richer, smarter, greener, healthier, happier — but at a cost?

Economist Edward Glaeser’s edX course examines the benefits and potential risks of increased urbanization

The brain-changing power of talk

Interplay between parents and children ignites the brain and boosts its response to language, spurring lasting literacy skills

Solange Knowles is Harvard Foundation artist of year

Singer, songwriter, visual artist will receive award at March 3 ceremony



Harvard names Lawrence S. Bacow as 29th president

Lawrence S. Bacow, one of the most experienced and respected leaders in American higher education, will become the 29th president of Harvard University on July 1, 2018.

First generation graduate hopes to impact and better lives in marginalized communities

Raised by immigrant parents, Yesenia Ortiz was their second child to attend Harvard, and is using the opportunity to help others overcome the obstacles her parents faced.

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Linguistics lab applies scientific methods to studying how we communicate

Linguistics lab applies scientific methods to studying and understanding how people communicate.

Three Harvard students on lessons of homeschooling

Profiles of three students who were homeschooled before coming to Harvard.

Side guard installation underway on Harvard’s large trucks

To protect pedestrians and cyclists, Harvard will soon require side guards be installed on large trucks that are on campus.

Electronic health records don’t reduce administrative costs

A new study finds electronic health record systems doesn’t reduce costs for bill processing, leaving primary care services with an average $100,000 tab per provider.

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News from Around Harvard

On Monuments: Place, Time, and Memory

Please join us for an evening of presentations and conversation mining the deep and trenchant topic of Monuments. Participants in On Monuments: Place, Time, and Memory include Homi K. …

As the Seas Rise, Can We Restore Our Coastal Habitats?

As sea levels rise, the potential loss of coastal habitats is a threat across the globe. …

Botany Blast: Woody Plant Basics

In this introductory workshop on plant structure and function, we will focus on temperate forest tree and shrub species found around the Arboretum. …

RUN AMOC! at Harvard

The American Modern Opera Company, an ensemble of cross-disciplinary artists, will participate in a nine-day teaching, performance and program development residency at Harvard. …

Rouse Visiting Artist Screening: Kahlil Joseph

Kahlil Joseph is an American artist and filmmaker working in Los Angeles. …

The Changing Landscape of Plate Tectonics

Plate tectonic theory, a milestone in twentieth-century science, has been instrumental in advancing our understanding of Earth’s geological history, the formation of its surface features, and its …

The Difficult Miracle: The Living Legacy of June Jordan

In celebration of the 15th anniversary of the arrival of the Papers of June Jordan at the Schlesinger Library, this panel discussion features scholars, poets, and activists exploring the many …

LITTLE TINY WALLS: Arturo O’Farrill at Harvard

Arturo O’Farrill, the five-time Grammy Award-winning pianist, composer, educator and founder and Artistic Director of the Afro Latin Jazz Alliance, visits Harvard to workshop his latest project …