‘Aliens’ of the deep captured

Origami-inspired device safely traps delicate sea creatures and lets them go without harm

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The love lives of fruit flies

Research may yield valuable insights into addiction disorders and depression

Are there holes in the Constitution?

The document’s wide latitude for a president raises new legal questions with few clear answers

Red all about it

Splashes of crimson are found throughout campus



Mindfulness research probes depression benefits

Gaelle Desbordes, a researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital and instructor in radiology at Harvard Medical School, is probing mindfulness meditation’s effect on depression.

“Sing Out, March On” at Harvard Commencement

Joshuah Campbell '16 and Harvard friends perform “Sing Out, March On”—a powerful tribute to John Lewis, Harvard's Commencement speaker.

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Harvard president vows to advocate for public service, higher education

During one of his first public events as the University’s 29th leader, Harvard President Lawrence S. Bacow signaled he will be a steadfast advocate for public service and higher education.

Bloomberg program at Kennedy School helps mayors govern more creatively, effectively

The Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative at the Harvard Kennedy School helps mayors govern more creatively and effectively. It’s entering its second year.

Kennedy School fellow learns to ask the right questions

Child of Somali nomads, Harvard Kennedy School’s Hodan Osman, M.C./M.P.A. Mason Fellow, finds she is “passionate about state-building.”

Greater Boston’s congressional districts have lowest among opioid prescribers

A study shows that congressional districts in the Southeastern U.S., Appalachia, and the rural West have some of the highest opioid prescribing rates, while those near urban centers, including D.C. …

News from Around Harvard

Take Control of Your Learning at Work

It’s up to you to set aside the necessary time to learn.

Roberto Unger elected to the British Academy for the humanities and social sciences

Harvard Law School Professor Roberto Unger has been elected to the British Academy for the humanities and social sciences in recognition of his work in the fields of social theory, politics and law. …

Two Questions to Ask Before You Set Up an Innovation Unit

First, how centralized should it be?

How Disc Galaxies Work

Disc galaxies like our own Milky Way, characterized by a flattened disc of stars and gas (often with a central bulge of material as well) have a wide range of masses, spatial extents, and stellar …

Most of AI’s Business Uses Will Be in Two Areas

Supply chain and sales and marketing are the first big opportunities.

10 tricks to reduce salt (sodium) in your diet

Most people regularly exceed the recommended daily amount of sodium, but making some simple food substitutions in your regular eating habits can help you trim your salt intake. …