Sustainable commuting

Many Harvard faculty, staff, and students commute each day in sustainable ways

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A better candidate for chemo delivery

A new technique may increase the efficacy and decrease the toxicity of existing cancer chemotherapies

Haben Girma

A new memoir by Haben Girma recounts her life as a deafblind woman, including her time at Harvard Law School

Family Weekend

On a beautiful fall weekend, thousands of family members visited Harvard for First-Year Family Weekend

Open offices

Ethan Bernstein follows up on his original research to look at why open offices hurt collaboration and what can be done about it

To Serve Better: Harvard across the country

Serving Washington D.C.

Clint Smith, whose dissertation focuses on juveniles facing life sentences, leads a prison reading program in Washington, D.C.

Serving South Dakota

Marnie Gelbart works to increase public understanding of genetics, and the ethical, legal, and social implications

Serving Tennessee

Sarah Lockridge-Steckel founded The Collective, which works to help young people in Memphis, Tennessee


Harvard scientists are working to help tackle climate change

Learn more Harvard scientists are working to help tackle climate change

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New drug-detecting tool could help save lives

The landscape of the illegal drug trade changes constantly, particularly amid the current opioid crisis. …

Mark Cuban and Jeff Flake discuss the economy

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban on real-world education, Trump, Warren, and sexual harassment in the front office of his NBA team.

Perfect weather greets families of Harvard first-years

A perfect fall weekend, and a welcome from Harvard President Larry Bacow, greeted first-years’ family and friends.

Better delivery system for sending chemo to cancerous lung tissue

A new technique called ELeCt (erythrocyte-leveraged chemotherapy) can transport drug-loaded nanoparticles into cancerous lung tissue by mounting them on the body’s own red blood cells.

News from Around Harvard

Chronic fatigue syndrome: Gradually figuring out what’s wrong

In the 1980s, there was no official definition of what is now known as myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). …

Everyday Environmentalism

Thu, 11/14/2019 - 6:00pmInstitute of Politics, 79 JFK St. …

Why Withholding Information at Work Won’t Give You an Advantage

Research reveals that it may even backfire.

Multimaterial 3D printing manufactures complex objects, fast

Multinozzle printer can switch between multiple inks up to 50 times per second

“As they say, history does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.”

t takes many held-breath pages and held-breath sentences and held-breath thoughts to reach Page 407 of “The Testaments” where, in something of an epilogue to the main story, you come …

Clinic, HRW Release Report Urging Russia to Support Action on Incendiary Weapons

(Geneva) – Russia should support, not block, diplomatic talks about possible action to address the civilian harm caused by the use of incendiary weapons, the International Human

Brown-Nagin on Her Own Path and Radcliffe’s

Dean discusses her priorities for Harvard’s institute devoted to interdisciplinary study and researchDean Tomiko Brown-Nagin discusses her priorities for Harvard’s institute devoted to …

Harvard EdCast: The Actual Cost of College

1000x500-college-cost.jpg When many people see the college price tag, they believe it's financially out of reach. …