The love lives of fruit flies

Research may yield valuable insights into addiction disorders and depression

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Red all about it

Splashes of crimson are found throughout campus

Hitchhiking his way to better drug delivery

Samir Mitragotri harnesses blood cells to help nanoparticles cross biological barriers

The Harvard-Yenching Library

140 years, 1.4 million volumes, and the most comprehensive collection for East Asian studies in the Western world


Thursday, July 19, 2018, 8:00pm - 10:00pm

The Story Collider

Thursday, July 19, 2018, 7:30pm - 10:00pm

MicroChefs: An Evening for Curious Adults


Mindfulness research probes depression benefits

Gaelle Desbordes, a researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital and instructor in radiology at Harvard Medical School, is probing mindfulness meditation’s effect on depression.

“Sing Out, March On” at Harvard Commencement

Joshuah Campbell '16 and Harvard friends perform “Sing Out, March On”—a powerful tribute to John Lewis, Harvard's Commencement speaker.

Latest Harvard Gazette News

Gallery of Harvard scenes puts accent on red

Harvard and crimson are synonymous. But all over campus, brighter shades of red abound, too.

Crossing biological barriers for better drug delivery

Researchers set out to develop a system that could help prevent nanoparticles from being cleared from the blood before they get to their target tissues. …

Lauren Groff on Florida as a state of mind

The Gazette spoke with fiction writer and Radcliffe fellow Lauren Groff about subversive prose, mothers and children, and crafting a vivid sense of place.

Harvard hosts workshop for leaders in malaria fight

Harvard Business School hosted a weeklong leadership workshop supporting global efforts to eradicate malaria.

News from Around Harvard

Task Shifting Could Help Lower Costs in U.S. Health Care

Three examples from India show how.

The Productivity Booster You Have in Your Pocket, But Probably Don’t Use

Most of us aren’t teaching our intelligent assistants how to be helpful.

How long will my hip or knee replacement last?

Anyone who needs a knee or hip replacement wants to know if it will be permanent, or if the replacement will need to be replaced at some point. …

It’s Time to Make Business School Research More Relevant

And it will require big changes in how professors are evaluated.

How to Get Someone to Put Away Their Phone and Actually Listen

Start by holding yourself to the same standard.

An Example of the Anchoring Effect

People tend to irrationally fixate on the first number put forth in a negotiation—the anchor—no matter how arbitrary it may be. …

Arcade Fire's Will Bulter on Voting & Civic Participation

In Boston for a performance with Arcade Fire, the Montréal-based rock band he helped found, the Ash Center sat down Will Butler, a 2017 graduate of Harvard Kennedy School’s mid-career MPA …

Take Two: Avi Selk on spiders, aggregation and writing fast

EDITOR’S NOTE: Yesterday, we featured contributor Rebecca Boyle’s interview with Washington Post general assignment reporter Avi Selk about his intriguing, elegaic story of the …