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Harvard University

Forever ’21

Highlighting the accomplishments and celebrating the bright futures of Harvard’s Class of 2021

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We will be celebrating the Class of 2021 with a live broadcast here on Thursday, May 27 beginning at 10:30 a.m.

A student stands in front of a Harvard building

Harvard College graduate

Yoseph Boku

Yoseph Boku volunteered at a youth homeless shelter in Harvard Square and helped organize the student-run Black Health Matters Conference. He will attend Harvard Medical School this fall.

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Gayatri Balasubramanian with a mask on

Harvard College graduate

Gayatri Balasubramanian

Gayatri Balasubramanian not only learned to sail and earned a spot on the varsity sailing team, she also served as a counselor for the Summer Urban Program and joined Army ROTC.

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A student with views of trees and skies behind him

Harvard Chan School graduate

Ajay Kolli

Ajay Kolli looked at the association between diet and vision impairment as well as food insecurity and vision impairment. Preliminary results from his research suggest links in both cases.

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In good company

The Class of 2021 isn’t alone in having an out-of-the-ordinary graduation; it joins a collection of other classes that faced the unusual and the unexpected.

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A collage of journal entries and illustrations of Harvard
  • 1639

    Harvard shut down for a year after Nathaniel Eaton, the School’s first head, was fired over allegations that he’d severely beaten students and that his wife had served them spoiled fish and hasty pudding that had somehow been laced with goat dung.

  • 1740

    Commencement was postponed to later in summer due to a diphtheria contagion.

  • 1752

    A smallpox epidemic shut down Harvard for five months and canceled Commencement for that year.

  • 1775

    George Washington’s Continental Army occupied the campus, and the Massachusetts Committee of Safety ordered Harvard to vacate its grounds.

  • 2020

    A novel coronavirus pandemic moved the ceremony and degree conferring online.

Samantha smiling in a blue dress

School of Education graduate

Samantha Fletcher

Samantha Fletcher combined her passions for equity, education, and media when she enrolled in Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Technology, Innovation, and Education Program.

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Woman in a white shirt talking with two women

Harvard Chan School graduate

Gabriela Borin Castillo

As a physical therapist specializing in chronic pain, Gabriela Borin Castillo has done volunteer work with Paralympic athletes and helped build a rehabilitation clinic in Guatemala.

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A student sits outside a brick building

Kennedy School graduate

Raven Graf

After graduating, Raven Graf hopes to head to Washington to move climate legislation forward.

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A man in a bulls jersey dunking a basketball

Harvard Medical School graduate

Troy Amen

Troy Amen has set his sights on becoming a surgical administrator, a position he hopes can effect change both small and large: improving how operating rooms function, and addressing socioeconomic inequalities.

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