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In Focus

In Focus is a window into the ideas, research, and work happening across Harvard communities. Each week we bring a different topic into focus, sharing perspectives on the big conversations of the moment—and sparking new ones.

Women’s History Month

Women's legacy at Harvard—first as staff members, then as students and faculty—shaped today's University, and allows a new generation of women to build a better tomorrow.

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Unequal: Criminal Injustice

“Unequal” is a multi-part series highlighting the work of Harvard faculty, staff, students, alumni, and researchers on issues of race and inequality across the United States. The first part explores the experience of people of color with the criminal justice system in America.

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Climate Crisis

Over the past few decades, we’ve felt global temperatures rise, seen coral reefs disappear, and watched extreme fires, droughts, and floods endanger our communities. Climate change is not just a global threat—it’s an urgent responsibility.

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As a new coronavirus spread across the globe, the Harvard community quickly became a hub for researchers, hospitals, and institutes to pool their resources and share their findings. One year later we've made breakthroughs on everything from vaccines to tracking apps.

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