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Women’s History Month

In Focus

Celebrating Women’s History Month

As staff members, then as students and faculty, the women of Harvard paved the way for the next generation, and continue to carve new paths today.

A complicated history

While women weren’t taught at Harvard until 1879, they have always been a part of the University.

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Yesterday’s pioneers

I am not the first woman who ought to have been called to Harvard.”

Alice Hamilton

First woman on the faculty at Harvard

Alice Hamilton
A late 1800s black and white photo of women in a classroom with blackboards

Star analysts of Harvard

In the late 19th through the mid-20th century, these women classified the stars, determined their brightness, and discovered new stars, nebulae, and novae.

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  • Patricia Albjerg Graham

Leading a faculty

Patricia Albjerg Graham
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  • Elisabeth Lyell Anthony

Early museum expert

Elisabeth Lyell Anthony
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  • Emily Thornton Gage

First woman at Harvard Divinity

A black and white photo of a woman holding a graduation cap on her head outside a building with a cross on it
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  • Linda Frances James

Public health pioneer

Black and white photo of two men and a woman
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  • Dolores Mercedes Franklin

Leader in oral health policy

A man and a woman stand together
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Today’s leaders

The first step to being seen as a leader is to be seen at all.”

Pamela Chen

Creator of “Women Before Me,”
portraits of Harvard Medical School alumnae

A woman wearing a mask
A woman works in a lab

Women making history

These extraordinary women at the Wyss Institute are changing the world.

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  • Melanie Wood

First woman to win the Waterman Award in math

A woman stands outside by trees
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  • Melissa Shang

Raising awareness about disability during the pandemic

Melissa Shang in Harvard Yard
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  • Emily Wilson

First woman to publish an English translation of "The Odyssey"

A woman sits at a table with copies of a book entitled "The Odyssey" next to her
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  • Amanda Gorman

Inaugural U.S. youth poet laureate

Amanda Gorman speaks at President Biden's inauguration
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Making strides

More hills to climb