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Food for Thought

Food nourishes us, inspires us, and brings us together. We’re taking a deep dive into everything edible.

Reducing the amount of food that we waste by just a third could feed all the food-insecure people in this country.”

Emily Broad Leib

Director of the Food Law and Policy Clinic at Harvard Law School

A woman stands outside near steps and greenery
Teaching science concepts through cooking
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Cooking like a scientist

Graduate School of Education alum Kate Strangfeld started Bite Sized Education to engage secondary students in science. Her goal is to empower students to “think like a scientist” through food and cooking.

Harvard food groups

Students, alumni, faculty, and staff are researching, exploring, and experimenting with food and nutrition.

Harvard students help in food recovery and donation program
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Food for free

In a typical week during the academic year, Harvard may donate up to 2,500 pounds of quality food to a local nonprofit focused on families in need.

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Science and cooking lecture series

The lectures pair Harvard professors with celebrated food experts and renowned chefs to showcase the science behind different culinary techniques.

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Our culinary world

A woman lectures on stage with a slide reading "The African Kitchen" behind her

Preserving Africa’s culinary heritage

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Extreme eating

Larissa Zhou’s research focuses on improving how humans eat in extreme environments, including space.

An astronaut eats pasta while floating in the spacecraft
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Food cultivation and distribution

A Graduate School of Design project created a food park for Los Angeles County and Santa Monica.

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Sustainable supply chain

Harvard Extension alum Brian Bauer is Building a sustainable supply chain for a food startup.

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Relocating farmland

A map shows where the world’s major food crops could be relocated to maximize production and minimize environmental impact.

Aerial view of farmland
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Food in the news