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Healthy living

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Living a Healthy Life

What is the secret to living a healthy life? Harvard experts explore the decisions we can make every day to ensure that we are prioritizing our health and wellbeing.

What we eat

How does our relationship with food impact our overall health? Harvard experts are researching the ways that food helps and hinders our wellness.

Carrots and strawberries

Science and research can help us make better choices when it comes to the foods we eat. Research suggests that some foods, like avocados and olive oil, provide benefits to our minds and bodies.

Scientists study everything from the relationship between late-night eating and weight gain and whether drinking coffee is good for you to how diets differ based on race and gender and how your diet and oral health are related.

Explore the evolution of the human metabolism and what makes a meal healthy.


How we move

Why is exercise important and how can we make sure we are active enough? Harvard experts are working to better understand how we can benefit from an active lifestyle.

Humans have deep-rooted instincts to avoid unnecessary physical activity, because until recently it was beneficial to avoid it.”

Dan Lieberman

Professor of biological science

Daniel Lieberman

What we feel

How are our mental health and physical health linked? Harvard experts study the ways we can best take care of ourselves holistically.

Students form a circle outdoors around a large lawn

We're all human

Intellectual growth and academic achievement should not come at the expense of our health. Harvard recently launched a new collection of mental health and wellbeing resources for students, faculty, and staff.

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Is a mobile app as good as a therapist?

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Daytime eating and mental health

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Student group focuses on wellbeing

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Spirituality may lead to better health outcomes

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Making time for mindfulness in the classroom

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How we find joy

What things in our world make us happier and healthier? Harvard experts are exploring how quality of life impacts both our mental and physical health.

An 80-year study investigates how to live a healthy and happy life

Learn about opportunities in your neighborhood and which greenspaces are easily accessible to you.”

Heather Eliassen

Professor of nutrition and epidemiology

A woman stands outside, against a stone wall

How we rest

How are sleep and wellness entwined? Researchers at Harvard study the different aspects of how sleep relates to our health.

Learn tips for how to get enough rest

What we moderate

What habits should we avoid to ensure that we are prioritizing healthy living? Many of the dangers to our health and wellbeing are being investigated by experts at Harvard.

Four glasses of beer

Risky behaviors can negatively impact our health, cause health complications, and even decrease our lifespan.

Scientists at Harvard and beyond are investigating the dangers of vaping, evaluating the effectiveness of medical marijuana, and researching the paths to addiction.

Recent research has revealed that consuming less sodium and more potassium can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.  Researchers have also linked sleep deprivation and alcohol consumption to the rise of cancer in those under 50.


How we live longer

What habits can we adopt to lengthen our lives? Harvard experts are studying the choices we can make that may help increase our longevity.