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In Focus

As the globe faces uneven economic opportunity, violent conflicts, and escalating climate volatility,
increasingly touches nearly all of our lives.

Our advocates

Students, faculty, and alumni from across the Harvard community are working to understand and improve how we can support immigrants and immigration.

Our research centers

The Immigration Initiative at Harvard

Advancing scholarship and research on issues related to immigrant origin children—the fastest growing child and youth population the U.S.
Explore IIH’s work

Refugee REACH Initiative

Collaborating with educators, policymakers, and researchers to foster learning, belonging, and future opportunities in settings of migration and displacement.
Explore REACH’s work

Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinical Program

Advancing immigrants’ rights through clinical education on legal advocacy tools including direct representation, impact litigation, policy advocacy, and community outreach.
Explore HIRCP’s work

Harvard Representation Initiative

Providing legal representation and social service support to Harvard students, scholars, and staff concerned about their immigration status.
Explore HRI’s work

Understanding immigration’s impacts

As the makeup of our communities change, Harvard experts are exploring the economic and societal effects of these migration patterns.

The statue of liberty
  • The big picture

The gift of global talent: how migration shapes business, economy, and society

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  • Market growth

Immigrants help businesses grow

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  • Health care

How immigrant doctors contribute to health care in the United States

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  • Global leadership

Severe immigration policies threaten American competitiveness

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  • Innovation

Why immigrant entrepreneurs are so important to the U.S.

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  • Belonging

Embracing outsiders improves communities

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The winding path to now

Migration has been an integral part of the human experience since before recorded history. Harvard researchers are exploring the journeys of the past to better understand the present.

A roadmap to the future

The Harvard community is exploring ideas and opportunities to improve migration, whether it’s across the state or around the globe.

Art beyond borders

Harvard’s museums and libraries have been exploring immigration, assimilation, and culture through the lens of photography, installations, and theater.