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More than just home to half of the world’s population, cities are engines of economic growth, drivers of design, and centers of public health progress.

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The future of cities

A parking garage with plants growing on it
  • Podcasts, galleries, and articles

The future of the American city

Harvard Graduate School of Design affiliates discuss possible futures for how and where we will live.

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  • Remote work

Will people still move to where the jobs are?

Golden Gate Bridge
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  • Reduce, reuse, recycle

Can Mexico City lead the conversation on how urban wastewater can benefit rural crops?

An abstract drawing of epidemiological soils showing piles of garbage.
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  • Big Apple big data

How can New York City resolve health disparities with data?

New York City skyline
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  • Climate-ready cities

How can American cities prepare for an increasingly destructive climate?

ocean waves splashing near houses
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Making cities more just