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From the enduring wonders of the ancient world to the buildings where we all live and work, architecture is an extraordinary, quotidian art form.

Join Harvard experts in exploring the past, present, and future of the built environment.

Leaders by design

Meet members of the Harvard community who are bringing innovations and advancements to the world of architecture.

Blueprints for the future

The Harvard community is exploring new building practices that are greener, healthier, and more inclusive.

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  • Cleaner

Healthy buildings and cognitive function

Thirty years of public health research has demonstrated that improved indoor environmental quality is associated with better health outcomes.

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  • More equitable

Celebrating the design work of the African diaspora community

An art piece of the side of a house with benches in front
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  • Healthier

Hospital architecture can help patients heal

A blueprint of a hospital bed
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  • More affordable

Designing high-quality, affordable housing

An apartment building
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  • Greener

Sustainable solutions for a better built environment

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  • More adaptable

Indigenous technologies provides a powerful toolkit for climate-resilient design

People building a large structure with natural materials
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Building a campus

From the brick buildings of the Yard to the modern marvels of the Allston campus, Harvard has a sweeping range of building styles that, taken together, amount to an informal history of American architecture.

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Past meets present

In the fall of 1932, photographer William Rittase visited Harvard’s campus and captured more than 87 black-and-white photos. Nearly 90 years later, Harvard staff photographer Stephanie Mitchell recreated nine of his photos to explore what’s changed and what hasn’t.

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Within these campus buildings are many of the Schools, centers, and institutes focused on studying the built environment and training the next generation of architects.

An ingress to the world

Harvard faculty, students, and alumni are exploring, researching, and empowering architecture around the globe.

An old temple next to a modern city

Today’s Global

This issue of Harvard Design Magazine asks: How can we collaborate in ways that transcend national boundaries? Could design foster a planetary civil society? How will design change in the face of a planetary climate crisis?

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  • The vibrant cosmopolitan architecture culture of


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  • The multi-year project exploring architectural form and practice in

South Asia

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  • The global forum examining what it means to be an agent of change in


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  • The historical architecture at risk in


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  • The innovative, interdisciplinary look at the architectural history of


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Conversations across time

Architects design buildings and structures not only for their moment, but for generations to come, and that longevity can create art that transports visitors through history.