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Animal Magnetism

In Focus

Our neighbors in the animal kingdom have always fascinated, confused, and inspired us. Through research and observation, we can better understand them and ourselves.

Anemones and their enemies

A team of researchers from Nicholas Bellono’s lab has discovered how the trigger system of jellyfish and sea anemones stinging works on a molecular level.

Read more about the mechanisms behind stingers


How do these seemingly fragile creatures survive so well?

What more can we learn about their evolutionary process?

Animal mimicry

How do some animals achieve abilities far beyond humans?

How can we copy and gain those abilities?

The evolution of evolution

Why do animals look and act like they do?

Did they look and act differently before?

Art’s long obsession

Why have so many artists taken inspiration from animals?

What can that teach us about history?

Creatures’ comforts

Are we responsible for protecting animals?

What kind of rights should animals have?