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Rising to the Climate Challenge

In Focus

Rising to the Climate Challenge

With the crisis upon us, the Harvard community is advancing and catalyzing research across all of our Schools to create comprehensive University-wide environmental education and real-world climate solutions.

From our campus to the world

Climate research is no longer a topic only for environmental scientists; so many of our students, scholars, scientists, and artists are focused on this growing crisis. A recent report explores how Harvard can leverage these strengths to address this enormously complex, global problem head-on.

Engineering solutions

The work we do now is for a future we may never see. But … [it] may be the most consequential work that any of us will ever do.”

Lindi von Mutius, sustainability program director at Harvard Extension School

Lindi von Mutius

Conversations with experts

By supporting rigorous interdisciplinary research, I believe that we can generate powerful new tools for reducing … the climate crisis.”

Tomiko Brown-Nagin, dean of Harvard Radcliffe Institute, on the Climate Change Initiative

Tomiko Brown-Nagin

The past, present, and future of climate change

Nothing is inevitable; everything’s evitable; and that’s really important.”

Michael Pollan, celebrated author, professor of the practice of nonfiction at Harvard, and Weather Reports featured speaker

Michael Pollan

Implications for health

MethaneSAT … is a satellite that will measure, detect, and quantify methane emissions globally, at an unprecedented resolution."

Ju Chulakadabba, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Ph.D. student in Environmental Science and Engineering.

Ju Chulakadabba

Policies for the planet