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What is the key to finding happiness? The Harvard community explores the physical, mental, social, and spiritual aspects of living a life filled with joy.

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Learn how to be happy

Is there a formula for happiness, and can you apply it to your own life? Professor Arthur Brooks thinks so.

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The Leadership and Happiness Laboratory

The Leadership and Happiness Laboratory conducts research and creates resources for leaders to learn the science of happiness, apply it in their own lives, and share it with others.

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Health and happiness

Research has long indicated the link between our happiness and physical health. A study from the Harvard Chan School finds a host of health benefits that accompany an optimistic attitude.

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Finding happiness in community

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The value of relationships

Robert Waldinger, director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, says one of the biggest surprises they encountered was that what makes people happy is also what helps keep them healthy—relationships.

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A pet can change your life

Animals ease loneliness and boost oxytocin—the love hormone.

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Mending fences

In a society roiled by division, how can we find common ground and build relationships with those who don’t share our views?

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Reaching out

Research offers new reasons to pick up the phone and reconnect with that old friend.

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Forgiveness can heal

Forgiveness transcends mere spiritual practice or good behavior—it fosters good mental health.

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How do you measure and govern for happiness?

An international conference of academics, practitioners, corporate managers, and spiritual leaders at the Harvard Divinity School sought answers to the question of universal happiness.

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Finding joy in our work