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Informed Aging

In Focus

Informed Aging

The Harvard community explores the physical, spiritual, and intellectual aspects of growing older.

Adjustments for healthy aging

An older woman with hiking sticks

Stay active

Research by the Harvard community, including evolutionary biologist Daniel Lieberman and research associate Dong Hoon Lee, have found that regular exercise can help increase lifespans and decrease chronic health risks. Research around Alzheimer’s in particular has shown that exercise helps to generate new neurons and improve cognition in mice.

Carrots and strawberries

Better understand your diet

Harvard researchers found that, in women, a greater adherence to the Mediterranean diet correlated with longer telomeres, one of the biomarkers of aging. A study of older men showed that those who maintain healthier diets are 25% less likely to develop physical impairment with aging. In general, our research points to the fact that choosing healthy foods is key to reducing the risk of premature death.

Designing an aging friendly world