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Democratic Deficits

In Focus

Democratic Deficits

The ideas, research, and actions from across Harvard University aimed at making democracy, democratic institutions, and elections more representative

Raising voices

Members of the Harvard community are taking a variety of approaches to finding solutions to our imperfect election system.

An illustration of a man with a Vote sticker on his shirt


“… fulfilling America’s promise requires building a democracy that includes all of us.”

Aaron Mukerjee, a third-year student at Harvard Law School, talks about his work with the Voting Rights Litigation Clinic.

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Fixing the vote

In his book, Professor Alex Keyssar explores why we still have an electoral college in America and discovers a complex mix of politics, constitutional law, structural racism, and more.

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On account of race

A roundtable conversation, featuring scholars who have pioneered innovative approaches to the past, present, and future of political empowerment, looks at the relationships among the Reconstruction Amendments, the 19th Amendment, the VRA, and the INA.

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Lawrence Bobo in his office


The roots of the reckoning

Lawrence D. Bobo, dean of social science and the W.E.B. Du Bois Professor of the Social Sciences, talks about confronting the long shadow cast by America’s history of deeply fraught race relations and entrenched inequality.

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