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Maintaining Your Health and Wellbeing This Academic Year

COVID Updates and Monkeypox Guidance

COVID-19 Guidance Update —Protecting Yourself This Summer

COVID-19 Considerations at Commencement

COVID Update – Transition to Optional Testing Program

COVID-19 Guidance Update and University Travel Update

COVID-19 Guidance Update

COVID Update – Phased Easing of COVID Restrictions

COVID-19 Guidance Update

COVID Update – Spring Semester & Vaccine Booster Verification

COVID Update – Additional Information and Updated Protocols and Policies

COVID Update – Spring Semester Update and Vaccine Booster Verification

COVID Update – Winter Session Travel

COVID Update – January Remote Learning and Work

COVID Update – Booster Requirement, Omicron Variant, Workforce Policies

COVID Update – Increase in COVID Cases, Take Steps to Protect Yourself, Others

COVID Update – Winter Break and Travel Guidance

COVID Update — Monitoring Omicron Variant

COVID-19 Update: Fall Guidance and Holiday Travel

University Travel Guidance, Registration Requirement, and Reimbursement Policy

Compliance with Federal Vaccination Requirement

COVID-19 Update: Your Behavior Matters, Protect Yourself & Others

COVID-19 Update – Take Steps to Lower Risk to Yourself, Our Community

Increase in COVID-19 Cases, Take Steps to Protect Yourself & Our Community

Community Vaccination Rate and COVID Updates

Updated Requirements for COVID-19 Testing

COVID Updates for Return to Campus

Vaccine Verification and COVID Updates

Updated travel guidance

Verify Your Vaccination

COVID-19 Updates

Update on Harvard’s Coronavirus Workforce Policies

COVID-19 Updates and Vaccination at Harvard

COVID-19 Guidelines and Travel Guidance Updates

Plan your COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility, Keep Keeping Harvard Healthy

Preparing for return to campus

COVID Update

Update on Vaccine, COVID Protocols

Update on return-to-campus planning

Update on Vaccine, University Protocols, Travel


Vaccine, Testing, and Mask Guidance Update

HUHS Reminders and Updates

Start of spring semester and return to campus

Travel Guidance for the Holidays and Spring Semester

Staying Vigilant Amid Rise in COVID-19 Cases

Update on Harvard’s Coronavirus Workplace Policies

Resources for Your Health and Wellbeing

Update on University Finances and Planning