Travel Guidance

Travel can increase the risks of exposure to you and the community. Public health measures and government restrictions are changing fast—including the recent U.S. proclamation and global health travel advisory. If you travel, those changes may make it hard for you to return and resume activities. Review the current international and domestic travel restrictions and resources below. These restrictions may change as the public health situation evolves. We will continue to update our guidance as needed.

International Travel Restrictions

All University-related international travel is prohibited until at least April 30, and all personal international travel is strongly discouraged. Review Harvard Global Support Services’ (GSS) international travel guidance for additional advice.

Given the University's transition to online classes and remote instruction, students whose home is a location with a CDC level 3 warning for COVID-19 may choose to return home. Harvard Schools will consider requests from students currently on campus who are from locations with CDC Level 3 warnings for COVID-19 to remain on campus. 

Restrictions for Visiting or Returning to Campus

Anyone — including affiliates and invited guests — who returns or arrives to campus from a location with a CDC level 3 travel warning for COVID-19, must quarantine for 14 days upon return. If you develop symptoms, notify your healthcare provider. This also applies to individuals who have transited through the affected locations. Review HUHS’ campus guidance for additional advice.

Domestic Travel Restrictions

All University-related non-essential domestic air travel is prohibited until at least April 30. As applicable, consult with your Harvard School, program, or department leaders and funding sources to determine whether your Harvard-related domestic air travel is essential. We strongly encourage you to consider alternative methods, like teleconferencing.

For personal travel within the U.S., we strongly urge you to use extreme caution and judgment. Check the state and territorial health department websites for the latest information.

Travel Reimbursement

For those travelling on University business, the Harvard Travel Policy allows for reimbursement of cancellation or change fees with a valid reason. The current Coronavirus pandemic meets this requirement. Harvard Financial Administration has provided a guide to frequently asked questions and other information.

Financial Implications

We understand these new policies have financial implications. We are working with Financial Administration and each Unit’s financial staff on guidance. In the interim, you may want to use the March 6 email and the information on this website in cancellation or reimbursement discussions.