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Team Bios

Sara Bleich speaks about what drives her work
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Meet the Vice Provost

Sara Bleich

Dr. Sara Bleich is the inaugural Vice Provost for Special Projects at Harvard University, director of the social sciences program and Carol K. Pforzheimer Professor at Harvard Radcliffe Institute, Professor of Public Health Policy at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and a faculty member at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. With more than 180 peer-reviewed publications, she is a policy expert and researcher who specializes in diet-related diseases, food insecurity, and racial inequality. Prior to this, Dr. Bleich served in the Biden Administration as the Director of Nutrition Security and Health Equity at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service and as the Senior Advisor for COVID-19 in the Office of the Secretary at USDA. As a White House Fellow during the Obama Administration, she worked at USDA as a Senior Policy Adviser for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services and on First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative. Dr. Bleich was elected to the National Academy of Medicine in 2023 and holds a B.A. in psychology from Columbia University and a PhD in health policy from Harvard University.

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Roeshana Moore-Evans

Meet the Executive Director

Roeshana Moore-Evans

Roeshana Moore-Evans is the Executive Director of the Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery (H&LS) initiative and is responsible for implementing reparative efforts that address Harvard’s ties to slavery. She oversees operational activities such as budgeting, human resources, and communications. She works closely with the Vice Provost for Special Projects to develop and advance H&LS’s strategic initiatives. Moore-Evans is also the president-elect of the Massachusetts Public Health Association (MPHA). Before joining Harvard, she served as the Senior Advisor to Dr. Nikhil Wagle at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. She has extensive experience in finance, human resources, strategic planning, and leading diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. She is a Boston native, committed to leading conversations that deepen the understanding of structural racism and facilitating activities that dismantle it.

Moore-Evans holds a B.S. and an M.B.A. from the University of Massachusetts Boston.

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Richard Cellini

Director of the Harvard Slavery Remembrance Program

Richard Cellini

Richard Cellini is the Director of the Harvard Slavery Remembrance Program (HSRP), a program that identifies people enslaved for Harvard’s benefit; locates their direct descendants; and engages with the descendant community. Cellini is an attorney, business executive, and scholar of institutional accountability for slavery.  He founded and led the Georgetown Memory Project, an independent research initiative that identified more than 10,000 descendants of enslaved people and changed the national conversation on race. Richard is a Research Fellow at Harvard Radcliffe Institute and served as a 2021-2022 Faculty Fellow at Harvard’s Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History.

Cellini holds an A.B. and a J.D. from Georgetown University, and an LL.M. from the University of Cambridge (UK).


Project Manager, Communications & Community Engagement

Tania G. Hernandez

Tania G. Hernandez is a Project Manager at the Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery (H&LS) initiative. She supports communications and community engagement efforts for the initiative. Before joining Harvard, she served as a Senior Community Engagement Specialist at Count Me In, a non-profit patient-partnered research initiative at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard bridging the gap between cancer research and historically marginalized communities in medicine. In addition to her work, she is deeply passionate about mentoring students and supporting their academic and professional careers.

Hernandez holds a B.S. in biology and a minor in psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Alex Glomset

Project Manager

Alex Glomset

Alex Glomset is a Project Manager for the Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery (H&LS) initiative. He previously worked at Brandeis University as the Research Program Manager for the National Initiative of Gender, Culture and Leadership in Academic Medicine and as the Assistant Director of Programming, Communications and Marketing for the Brandeis National Committee. Prior to Brandeis, Alex worked and interned with various human rights organizations including Cambridge-based Cultural Survival and Physicians for Human Rights. Alex has also completed academic programs and internships in international criminal law and human rights in both the Netherlands and Geneva.

Glomset holds a B.A. in international & global studies from Brandeis University and an LL.M. in public international law from Leiden University in the Netherlands.

RuQuan Brown_image

H&LS Student Ambassador. Class of 2024

RuQuan Brown

RuQuan, a senior at Harvard studying African American history, is a versatile force for change. From football to activism, he has blended sports, academics, and entrepreneurship. As a board member of March For Our Lives, he advocates for the end of gun violence in American communities. Inspired by icons like Jesus, James Baldwin, and Bell Hooks RuQuan emphasizes love as a catalyst for global betterment, aiming to be a resource for underprivileged communities worldwide. Balancing these pursuits, he adds a creative touch as an artist, leaving an enduring impact at the intersection of education, activism, entrepreneurship, and art. 

Brown is currently pursuing an A.B. in African American History from Harvard College.  

Tenzin Gund-Morrow

H&LS Student Ambassador. Class of 2026

Tenzin Gund-Morrow

Tenzin Gund-Morrow is a Student Ambassador at the Harvard & the Legacy of Slavery initiative. He supports the team in communications, student outreach, and event coordination. Outside of this role, he is Co-Chair of the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum at the Institute of Politics, serves on the Editorial Board of the Crimson, and is a member of the Art Board of the Harvard Advocate. Off-campus, Tenzin has interned at the White House Office of Communications, the Office of New York City Councilman Chi Ossé, the New York Civil Liberties Union, and the Innocence Project. He is a New York City native interested in domestic policy implementation and strategic communication, specifically in criminal justice, green infrastructure, and public arts.  

Gund-Morrow is currently pursuing an A.B. in Government from Harvard College.