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Harvard: Statement on SFFA’s Memorandum in Opposition to Harvard’s Motion for Summary Judgment

Edward Blum and SFFA continue to present a deliberately misleading narrative, made possible only by their deeply flawed statistical analysis, to eliminate the consideration of race in college admissions. Their case is against Harvard, but their actions challenge the freedom and flexibility – entirely consistent with long set legal parameters – of every college and university in America to expand opportunity and create the diverse communities that enhance the learning of every student. Harvard’s brief opposing SFFA’s request for summary judgment conclusively refutes SFFA’s unfounded claims.

Memorandum in Opposition to SFFA’s Motion for Summary Judgment 
Response to Rule 56 Statement 
American Council on Education (ACE) Amicus brief
Coalition for a Diverse Harvard Amicus brief
Ivy + Amicus brief 
Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Amicus brief  
Walter Dellinger Amicus brief