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Public Safety and Community Wellbeing

Letter to President-elect Biden

Reaffirming Our Commitments

Charge to the Committee to Articulate Principles on Renaming

Letter from President Bacow to Acting Chief Hageman


Update on University Finances and Planning

Colleges and Universities Should Encourage Student Voting

Inside Higher Ed

Morning Prayers



Title IX Update

Response to Congressmen Cleaver and Kennedy

Statement on the death of Congressman and Civil Rights leader John Lewis

ICE Rescinds International Order in Response to Harvard-MIT Suit

Supporting International Students

Statement from President Bacow on ICE Guidance Issued Today

FAS Fall 2020 Plans

Policy on Unrecognized Single-Gender Social Organizations

New Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Racist Email Attack

Decision on DACA


HUPD Statement from President Bacow

Letter: Need for forward-looking immigration policies to protect international students and scholars

What I believe

Statement on Issuance of Final Title IX Rule by the U.S. Department of Education

Report Regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s Connections to Harvard

A message from President Bacow on climate change

Economic Impact of COVID-19