Harvard and Slavery

The past never dies or disappears. It continues to shape us in ways we should not try to erase or ignore. In more fully acknowledging our history, Harvard must do its part to undermine the legacies of race and slavery that continue to divide our nation.
President Drew Gilpin Faust

Under the leadership of University President and Lincoln Professor of History Drew Gilpin Faust, a range of scholarly, research, and engagement efforts are underway in order to more fully examine the history and legacy of slavery at Harvard. In April 2016, President Faust and Congressman John Lewis unveiled a plaque on Wadsworth House honoring four women and men -- Bilhah, Venus, Titus, and Juba -- who lived and worked there as enslaved persons in the 18th century. President Faust has also convened a faculty committee of historians from across Harvard to advise, research, and provide recommendations on University efforts and initiatives. The University hosted a national academic conference on March 3, 2017, which explored the relationships between slavery and universities, across the country and around the world.