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Climate Research Clusters

The Salata Institute is committed to supporting research that promises to make a real-world impact on the climate crisis. The Climate Research Clusters Program delivers on that commitment by funding research about complex climate problems that produces useful and practical solutions. Clusters comprise interdisciplinary, cross-School teams of researchers, whose varied expertise is required to address the complexity of the problems that they seek to solve. The problems are broad enough that their solutions represent significant progress in meeting the world’s climate challenge.

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Seed Grant Program in Climate and Sustainability

The Salata Institute Seed Grant Program spurs new research, forges new interdisciplinary partnerships, and enables faculty whose work is not normally in climate and sustainability to apply their expertise to the pressing questions raised by climate change. The program also funds workshops focused on understudied and emerging topics in climate and sustainability. Proposals will be considered three times per year, with deadlines of the second Friday of January, May, and September.

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Climate Change Solutions Fund

The Harvard University Climate Change Solutions Fund, established by President Emerita Drew Gilpin Faust in 2014, supports research and policy initiatives intended to reduce the risks of climate change, hasten the transition from fossil fuel-based energy systems to those that rely on renewable energy sources, to develop methods for diminishing the impact of existing fossil fuel-based energy systems on the climate, to understand and prepare for the impacts of climate change, and to propel scientific, technological, legal, behavioral, policy and artistic innovations needed to accelerate progress toward cleaner energy, improved human health, and a greener world.

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Combining forces to accelerate climate action here, there, now

Experts from Harvard and around the world embark on ambitious interdisciplinary projects as recipients of Salata grants

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Buying crucial time in climate change fight

MethaneSAT satellite will spot global sources of methane emissions, which in many cases can be halted with relatively simple fixes

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