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Speeches by President Faust

2015 Commencement Speech

2015 Remarks at ROTC Commissioning Ceremony

2015 Baccalaureate Service

Universities and the Challenge of Climate Change

President Faust at Morning Prayers

The Case for College

“Necessary Trouble”: Remarks by Drew Faust at the Harvard Black Alumni Weekend

2014 Opening Year Conversation

2014 Remarks at Morning Prayers

“It Can Be Otherwise”

2014 Commencement Speech

2014 Remarks at ROTC Commissioning Ceremony

2014 Baccalaureate Service: “Breaking Good”

To Seize an Impatient Future

Opening Year Address

2013 Remarks at Morning Prayers

2013 Commencement Speech

2013 Remarks at ROTC Commissioning Ceremony

2013 Baccalaureate Service: “Running Toward”

Remarks by President Faust: W50 Summit — Celebrating the 50th anniversary of women being admitted to the two-year M.B.A. Program

“Educate Women; Change the World” at Ewha Womans University

Welcome Remarks at the Annual Meeting of the AAAS

Harvard College Fund President’s Associates Dinner

Making History: The Huntington Library and the Civil War

“Head Mischief”: How Mrs. Hall Changed My Life and Shaped Yours

Scholarship and the Role of the University: Remarks at the Boston College Sesquicentennial

Remarks on Behalf of the Academic Community

President Faust’s 2012 Welcome Letter to the Community

Convocation Address to the Class of 2016

2012 Remarks at Morning Prayers