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Message about Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Dr. King’s voice was tragically silenced almost 35 years ago, but his message of tolerance, equality, and hope lives on. With each passing year, as the world draws closer together and the pressures faced by people everywhere to live peacefully with and learn from each other grow, the values that Dr. King stood for become ever more important.

Monday is a day to remember Dr. King’s life and to keep the spirit of his message alive. We remember a man who dedicated his life to the hope that one day people from around the world would be able to walk together as brothers and sisters. In this time of increasing global conflict, Dr. King’s life and pursuit of social change through non-violent means can serve as an example for us all.

Dr. King once said that, “Everybody can be great because anybody can serve.” As a university, we can be proud so many of our students go on to serve their communities and their nations. Through their work, and through important days of remembrance like this one, we can keep Dr. King’s message and ideals alive. As a community we are committed to becoming ever-more open and inclusive because our diversity is a crucial aspect of our excellence.