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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dear Members of the Harvard Community,
We join countless others today in honoring Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose legacy urges hope in the possibility of progress, especially in challenging and disheartening times. Seeking justice through nonviolence, Dr. King envisioned “a community at peace with itself,” a community in which freedom is assumed rather than secured, in which “the practical art of living in harmony” is both learned and practiced. His vision of what is possible continues to inspire us.
Last week, I wrote about the importance of bridging the fissures that have weakened our sense of community. In the days to come, I will have more to share about how we intend to strengthen efforts to address and combat bias, safeguard free expression, and foster a climate of mutual understanding. Like Dr. King, we embrace diversity in every form. Our resolve to ensure that all who are part of Harvard feel that they are seen and that they belong—and our belief in the enduring power of learning from one another—will not waver.
In the words of the Honorable Loretta E. Lynch, our 2023 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Lecturer, “those of us who are focused on equality, those of us who are focused on moving forward, don’t stop.” On this holiday of commemoration and reflection, I wish all of us moments spent in quiet contemplation of what it means to seek equality and peace as we pursue truth and excellence.
Alan M. Garber