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Support Haiti Earthquake Relief

The destruction in Haiti has shocked and saddened us all. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Haitian people, the men and women who are working to help them recover from the earthquake that has devastated their nation, and the members of the Harvard community who are anxious for word from friends and loved ones living on the island.

Scenes of such suffering remind us of our own humanity, and our natural reflex is to reach out to help. Healthcare professionals from the Harvard teaching hospitals have already responded to the call for aid. To make it easier for faculty, staff, and students at Harvard to contribute to the relief effort, we have created the list below of organizations that are responding to the crisis in Haiti, as well as groups that support the local Haitian community.

I am confident that many of us at Harvard will join together in responding to this tragedy, offering both our knowledge and our contributions to ease the suffering of the earthquake’s survivors.


– Drew Faust

Support Haiti Earthquake Relief

A list of organizations providing humanitarian aid to the people of Haiti has been provided below. See also Crisis in Haiti, which provides an overview of University response efforts.

Ways to Give

Give by check

You may also write a check to the agency of your choice and send it to the Community Gifts through Harvard office at:

Community Gifts Through Harvard
124 Mt. Auburn Street
Suite 420 South
Cambridge, MA 02138

For questions or assistance call 617 495-1598, or email

Give to charities online

Visit the sites of the organizations below to give online: