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Student wellbeing and mental health

Intellectual growth and academic achievement should not come at the expense of wellbeing. Together, we can create a culture at Harvard that embraces the importance of mental health and wellbeing.

Prioritizing your wellbeing

Expanding your wellbeing

Spiritual wellbeing

A person lighting candles
Meet Harvard’s chaplains, learn more about the Memorial Church, or find retreats or quiet places to reflect.

Join a group

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CAMHS offers an array of virtual programs for students to promote mental well-being every semester.

Mind-body connection

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Mindfulness invites us to slow down and live in the present moment. Learn more about mindfulness or take a class in yoga or meditation.

Support your recovery

A person jogging.

Learn more about CAMHS resources to support your recovery from addiction, or explore alcohol and substance prevention information at the Center for Wellness and Health Promotion.

Climate and sustainability

A green forest
Learn more about the Office of Sustainability’s work across campus or the work of the Harvard University Center for the Environment.

Find an off-campus health provider

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Students may seek out or be referred to mental health providers off-campus for a variety of reasons. See Finding Mental Health Care Off Campus for more information.

Community support

More CAMHS resources

The health services office
CAMHS offers a wide variety of resources to help navigate anxiety and stressful situations. Explore CAMHS resources.

More Center for Wellness and Health Promotion resources

A sign that says center for wellness

Wellbeing is influenced by so many factors. Learn more about how to support healthy sleep habits, improve your nutrition, and more. Learn more about the Center for Wellness and Health Promotion.

School-based resources

Visit your School’s wellbeing website below for information on additional services and resources.