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Your personal safety

Emergency Resources Phone Lines

Harvard University Police Department (HUPD)

HUPD: 617-495-1212

HUPD Longwood: 617-432-1212

Medical Urgent Care at HU Health Services

Urgent Care HUHS: 617-495-5711

International SOS

24/7 support while abroad on University travel: +1617-998-0000 or connect through the Assistance App.


Medical or Public Safety Emergency: 911

Your online safety

Your mental wellbeing

Your community support

For Faculty, Staff, and Academics

From guidance on how to support students in distress, to information on work/life stability, there are many resources available for our faculty, staff, and academics.

The Crimson Folders

Crimson Folders are a set of tools that can enable faculty, staff, postdocs, researchers, and teaching fellows and assistants to recognize and support students experiencing mental health challenges. Each School has its own Crimson Folder with School-specific resources.

Explore the research being done across the Harvard community related to mental health, mindfulness, and more.