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Faculty voices

Harvard GenAI Library for Teaching and Learning

The videos in this library, created by the Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning, explore the myriad ways Harvard faculty use generative AI tools to support and enhance teaching, learning, and research. Scroll through the video pages below or filter by topic to learn more.

Andrew Beam

Andrew Beam: GenAI for improving grant writing

Iavor Bojinov

Iavor Bojinov: Data analysis for non-coders

Molly Brady

Molly Brady: Creating novel legal problems for classes

Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner: Learning by teaching chatbots

Jeff Bussgang

Jeffrey Bussgang: Enhancing student course preparation

Liao Cheng

Liao Cheng: Exploring the role of AI in education

Stephen Chong

Stephen Chong: GenAI as a peer learner

Jacob Cook

Jacob Cook: Using GenAI to reduce plagiarism

Louis Deslauriers

Louis Deslauriers: Understanding student learning in real-time

Maria Dikcis

Maria Dikcis: Appreciation for the human perspective

Jose Luis García del Castillo y López

Jose Luis García del Castillo y López: Augmenting the design processes and enhancing the creative process

David Dockterman

David Dockterman: Harnessing GenAI as a collaborative tool in educational problem-solving

Sharad Goel

Sharad Goel: Building an AI Slackbot to tutor students

Rem Koning

Rem Koning: Using ChatGPT to assist with feedback

Dan Levy

Dan Levy: Understanding student learning in class

Nicole Mills

Nicole Mills: Using GenAI to create interactive games

Daniele Olveczky

Daniele Olveczky: Using GenAI images as teaching tools

Adrienne Phelps-Coco

Adrienne Phelps-Coco: Preparing students for AI in course design

Adam Rodman

Adam Rodman: Enhancing the decision-making processes

Todd Rogers

Todd Rogers: Teaching effective written communication skills

Jane Rosenzweig

Jane Rosenzweig: Cultivating critical perspectives on GenAI in education

Richard Schwartzstein

Richard Schwartzstein: Enhancing analytical reasoning

Mark Succi

Marc Succi: Using scenarios to bridge the gap from textbook to practice

Teddy Svoronos

Teddy Svoronos: Using AI to create unlimited practice problems

Tari Tan

Tari Tan: Effective use of AI in teaching and design

Charles Waldheim

Charles Waldheim: Using AI to analyze and interpret large data sets

Mitch Weiss

Mitchell Weiss: Using GenAI to practice solving real-world problems

Bill Wisser

Bill Wisser: Practical applications of GenAI in the classroom

Alex Yuen

Alex Yuen: Exploring AI in the classroom with deeper discussions