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Class of 2021 profiles

In Focus

Meet the Class of 2021

Harvard Divinity School

Spiritual leaders dedicated to building a better world

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Harvard Kennedy School

Leaders and civic innovators making a more just world

David Cotacachi sitting outside
  • David Cotacachi

Committed to protecting the land

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  • Jeremy Ney

Helping others achieve the American dream

Jeremy Ney in a sweater outside a building
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  • Jamaji and Onyema Nwanaji-Enwerem

Mixing medical training with public policy skills

Jamaji and Onyema Nwanaji-Enwerem talking at a picnic table
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  • Ganchimeg Ganpurev

A mission to develop equality

Ganchimeg Ganpurev in a white outfit standing outside a glass wall
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  • Raven Graf

Navigating the political landscape of climate change

A student sits outside a brick building
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Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Dentists and dental professionals dedicated to oral and systemic health

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Global health leaders working to improve the lives and health of people everywhere

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A student with views of trees and skies behind him
  • Ajay Kolli

Studying diet and vision impairment

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  • Samantha Giffen

The making of a disease detective

A woman stands outside
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  • Bhargav Krishna

The fight for cleaner air

A man and woman stand together
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  • Gabriela Borin Castillo

Understanding chronic pain

Woman in a white shirt talking with two women
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  • Sneha Dutta

Understanding why individuals age differently

Sneha Dutta outside in a white lab coat
  • Lawson Ung

Finding a call to action in global poverty and blindness

A student wearing a mask stands by a brick building
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Harvard Extension School

A global community of graduates and lifelong learners

Harvard Medical School

Leaders and compassionate caregivers dedicated to improving health and well-being

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A man working out in a gym
  • Mark Zaki

Connecting on a human level is important

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  • Asmaa Rimawi

Researching the effects of discrimination on health, health care delivery

Asmaa Rimawi in a hallway
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  • Troy Amen

Addressing socioeconomic inequalities from an administrative perspective

A man in a bulls jersey dunking a basketball
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  • Jamaji Nwanaji-Enwerem

Investigating how airborne particles affect biological aging

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  • Krissy Lyon

Understand the neuroscience behind behavior

Krissy Lyon smiling outside
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Harvard College

Leaders and change makers ready to reimagine the future

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Harvard Law School

Law experts focused on public service and the highest ideals of law and justice

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A man using a wheelchair outside
  • Zachary Weinstein

From actor to lawyer

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  • Phebe Hong

Focused on healthcare law

A woman stands outside near a pink flowering tree
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  • Iqra Saleem Khan

Finding resilience far from home

A woman sits outside
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  • Frankie Troncoso

A tremendous role to play

A man leans against a tree
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Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Dedicated problem-solvers using science to address the most pressing issues of our time

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Harvard Graduate School of Education

Educators putting powerful ideas into practice for all learners

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A student stands with his arms crossed
  • Steven Chambers

Working to make connections

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  • Jenny Portillo

The power of collective action

A student sits at a desk with a laptop
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  • Samantha Fletcher

Focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion

Samantha smiling in a blue dress
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  • Elena Milius

Dreaming alongside children and families

Elena Milius holding a photo of her brother
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  • Yesenia Perez

Earnest curiosity and a culture of care

Yesenia Perez smiling
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  • Shahara Jackson

Becoming a transformational superintendent

A student wearing a brightly colored dress stands on the Harvard campus
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Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Experts on the forefront of research and discovery

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Harvard Business School

Leaders inventing the future of business and making a difference in the world

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A woman stands outside a Harvard building
  • Laura Sandoval

Chasing your dreams

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  • Thomaz Galvao

Learning through others’ experiences and perspectives

A man sits in a lecture hall
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  • Joy Chen

Keeping people in touch

A woman stands outside
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  • Brice Fodouop

Leadership in manufacturing

A man in front of a white brick wall
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Harvard Graduate School of Design

Leaders in design, research, and scholarship making a resilient, just, and beautiful world

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