This Official Harvard self-guided tour begins at the Smith Campus Center in historic Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. The audio tour is read by current Harvard students and is composed of tracks describing landmarks throughout the Harvard Yard, providing a history of the university, general information, and a unique view on the student's individual experience! The tour is completely free of charge.

We welcome your ideas and feedback as we continue to improve and develop this tour. For those who have an opportunity to visit Harvard, tours regularly leave the visitor center allowing visitors to see these amazing landmarks in person.

Download Tour Map PDF

Download audio tour tracks (.m4a format) below. With some browsers you may need to right click and choose the "Save link as ..." option to download files.
Note: The numbers in parentheses correspond with the numbered locations on the map.

  • Welcome to Harvard (m4a) (mp3)
  • Early Beginnings of Harvard College (m4a) (mp3)
  • (1) Holyoke Center (m4a) (mp3)
  • (2) Wadsworth House (m4a) (mp3)
  • (3) Grays and Matthews Hall (m4a) (mp3)
  • (4) Massachusetts Hall (m4a) (mp3)
  • (5) Johnston Gate (m4a) (mp3)
  • (6) Harvard Hall (m4a) (mp3)
  • (7) Hollis and Stoughton Hall (m4a) (mp3)
  • (8) Holden Chapel (m4a) (mp3)
  • (9) Holworthy Gate (m4a) (mp3)
  • (10) Science Center (m4a) (mp3)
  • (11) Memorial Hall (m4a) (mp3)
  • (12) Gund Hall (m4a) (mp3)
  • (13) Sackler Museum (m4a) (mp3)
  • (14) Fogg Museum (m4a) (mp3)
  • (15) Carpenter Center (m4a) (mp3)
  • (16) Faculty Club (m4a) (mp3)
  • (17) Dana Palmer House (m4a) (mp3)
  • (18) Barker Center for the Humanities (m4a) (mp3)
  • (19) Lamont Library (m4a) (mp3)
  • (20) Loeb House (m4a) (mp3)
  • (21) & (22) Houghton Library (m4a) (mp3)
  • (23) Widener Library (m4a) (mp3)
  • (24) Tercentenary Theater (m4a) (mp3)
  • (25) Emerson and Sever Hall (m4a) (mp3)
  • (26) Memorial Church (m4a) (mp3)
  • (27) University Hall (m4a) (mp3)
  • (28) John Harvard Statue (m4a) (mp3)
  • Conclusion (m4a) (mp3)