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Presidential Task Force on Combating Anti-Muslim and Anti-Arab Bias

About the Task Force

Who should I contact?

Harvard University is committed to providing a safe campus environment. If you have experienced an incident of bias, read through the options in this section to understand the best next steps.

To learn more about support resources available across campus, see Resources in Times of Crisis.

  • To share your feedback

    If you wish to share your feedback with the Task Force, please send an email to


    Alternatively, you may submit anonymous feedback via our feedback form.

  • To report suspicious or threatening behavior

    Contact HUPD immediately at 617-495-1212 if your physical safety is threatened at any time or if you receive an email that contains a physical threat to your life, safety, or property.

  • If you have experienced bullying or discrimination at Harvard

    First, contact one of your School’s Local Designated Resources (LDRs). They are available to assist community members who may have experienced bullying or discrimination, and will be able to discuss your concerns and advise you on your options.


    If for any reason, including potential conflicts of interest, you do not feel comfortable speaking with your LDRs, contact the Office of Community Conduct (OCC). Similar to engaging with an LDR, OCC will be able to discuss concerns and advise you on your options. OCC will coordinate with LDRs within your School or Unit as appropriate.


    You may also wish to contact the Harvard Ombuds Office, a confidential resource available to anyone from the Harvard community where you can voice concerns, clarify goals, and consider options. Any issue affecting one’s work or studies may be brought to an Ombuds. Discussion with an Ombuds is not the same as filing a complaint.

  • To anonymously report an incident to the University

    Contact the Anonymous Reporting Hotline.


    The Hotline may be most useful for making the University aware of issues or concerns when you do not wish to file a formal complaint. Reports are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reported issues are referred to the relevant School or Unit for review and follow up. Reporters have the option to remain anonymous and are provided with a means to communicate anonymously with the hotline while their case is open. If you would like to engage in a conversation or learn more about University policies, your LDR or the Ombuds Office may be better options.