A letter leads to Harvard

Michael Medaugh, who in seventh grade exchanged notes with Drew Faust, worked hard and is now a freshman

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Freshmen arrive, with boxes

On busy move-in day, the Class of 2021 settles into Yard dorms

Brain may be far more flexible than thought

Study suggests balance between preserving memories and integrating new learning

Letting his fiction wander

Harvard lecturer Paul Yoon on process, teaching, and the spark behind his new story collection



Harvard Arthrobots

Inspired by arthropod insects and spiders, Harvard researchers have created an entirely new type of semi-soft robots capable of standing and walking using drinking straws and inflatable tubing. 

Harvard Professor takes Alzheimer’s fight personally

Harvard Medical School Professor Reisa Sperling talks about the personal impact of Alzheimer’s disease, which killed both her father and grandfather.

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Childhood cancer survivors may pay more for health care in adulthood

Study finds out-of-pocket health care costs can lead to financial problems for survivors of childhood cancer.

On busy move-in day, Class of 2021 settles into Yard dorms

Harvard's Class of 2021 settles into its dorms with family and friends helping them make the transition on the official move-in day.

Seventh-grader who exchanged notes with Harvard’s president is now a freshman at the College

Michael Medaugh, who in seventh grade exchanged notes with Harvard President Drew Faust, worked hard and is now a College freshman.

Modernist icon restored to house Harvard fellows

The sunny, modular home architect Richard Rogers designed for his parents in the 1960s now serves as an urban studies lab for the Graduate School of Design.

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News from Around Harvard

Nieman Foundation announces named fellowships for the class of 2018

The Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard today announced the named fellowships for the Nieman class of 2018. …

Clot in Action

First images captured of shapeshifting blood-clot regulator

Tokyo and Washington Have Another Nuclear Problem

Aug 17, 2017This week, Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono and Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera are meeting in Washington with their U.S. …

Words of Wisdom for New Students

More than 100 new graduate students arrive on campus for Orientation starting August 24. For some, it’s the start of their graduate studies. For others, it’s a new chapter in their life. …

The Making of a Cyber Diplomat

Aug 23, 2017Cyber diplomacy thus far has been a careful balance of promoting both the U.S.’s interests and values in cyberspace. …

Alec Karakatsanis ’08 puts ‘human caging’ and ‘wealth-based detention’ in America on trial

In early 2014, Alec Karakatsansis, ’08, used some of the money that he and a Harvard Law School classmate had recently received from the school’s Public Service Venture Fund seed grant to buy a …

Dual Defense

Protective organ response yields clue for alcoholic liver disease treatment

Research Shows Good Management Is Incredibly Hard to Copy

Don’t underestimate the importance of basic competence.