Charles M. Lieber named University Professor

Scientist appointed to newly created Joshua and Beth Friedman University Professorship

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Last survivors on Earth

As long as the sun shines, hardy tardigrade will carry on

For Harvard neurologist, words lead to ‘action!’

Weiner’s script-to-screen achievement wins praise at Tribeca Film Festival

Wielding chainsaws for science

Joint Arboretum and Forest Service program protects trees from pests


Friday, July 21, 2017, 9:00pm - 10:30pm

The Testament of Dr. Cordelier

Through Sept. 24

Media Bichos/Wavelinks

Saturday, July 22, 2017, 7:00pm - 8:30pm

The Sad Sack - Live Musical Accompaniment


Harvard Arthrobots

Inspired by arthropod insects and spiders, Harvard researchers have created an entirely new type of semi-soft robots capable of standing and walking using drinking straws and inflatable tubing. 

Harvard Professor takes Alzheimer’s fight personally

Harvard Medical School Professor Reisa Sperling talks about the personal impact of Alzheimer’s disease, which killed both her father and grandfather.

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Med School grad to trade scrubs for space suit

Jonny Kim, a Harvard Medical School graduate and former Navy SEAL, has been selected to join NASA’s next astronaut class.

Chemist Charles M. Lieber receives Harvard’s highest faculty honor

Acclaimed chemist Charles M. Lieber has been named a University Professor and is the first to receive the Joshua and Beth Friedman University Professorship.

Plaque honoring Faulkner character to be reinstalled on Charles River span

For more than 50 years, Faulkner fans have worked to commemorate a beloved character with a secret memorial on the Anderson Memorial Bridge.

Using fMRI, EEG to search for consciousness in ICU patients

An MGH study has found that the use of fMRI and EEG may provide early detection of consciousness in patients with severe traumatic brain injury.

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News from Around Harvard

Written Senior Perspectives: Eela Nagaraj

It feels surreal to reflect on my senior season and my athletic career as a whole here at Harvard. …

Humans of HDS: Religion, Violence, and Peace

“Whether in academia or as an ordained person, I want to grapple with these gripping questions of faith and its implications for how we live with each other today, tomorrow, and in years to come. …

Rediscovering Vulnerabilities

Jul 21, 2017What is the likelihood that multiple parties will independently discover the same software vulnerability? Herr and Schneier discuss their recent paper "Taking Stock: Estimating …

How GE Appliances Built an Innovation Lab to Rapidly Prototype Products

Lessons for other large companies looking to generate ideas.

Seeking Director of the Small Center

The Albert and Tina Small Center for Collaborative Design (formerly the Tulane City Center) is looking for a Director to lead its public interest design organization at Tulane University. …

How to Become a More Well-Rounded Leader

Cultivate the “positive opposite” of your strengths.

On identity: men who created it, women who lost it, a writer who escaped it

This week, identity is the theme that courses through the posts. Writer Steve Oney talks about masculinity and the creation of identity as an act of will. …


Subtitle metaLAB AI Art Exhibition, Lightbox Gallery, Harvard Art Museums Teaser metaLAB exhibits five new artistic projects playfully and critically engaging …