Debating democracy itself

In HUBweek forum, Sandel peers beyond current issues to consider the ailing state of U.S. governance and civic life

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Musicologist puts race center-stage

Digital archives help Oja shape ‘Black Virtuosos and Civil Rights’

Ten from Harvard named HHMI Faculty Scholars

Grants back early career scientists in ambitious research

New Radcliffe exhibition pushes artistic boundaries

Showcases work by 13 current fellows, including scientists, a mathematician, an anthropologist, even an urban planner


Thu., September 29, 2016, 12:30pm - 1:00pm

Gallery Talk: 18th-Century European Ceramics

Thu., September 29, 2016, 5:45pm

DRCLAS/BLIFF Film Screening: La Buena Vida (The Good Life)

Thu., September 29, 2016, 4:00pm - 7:30pm

"Trafficked" Film Screening & Panel Discussion

Thu., September 29, 2016, 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Lights (Body): Rhythm on Camera

Fri., September 30, 2016, 8:30am - 2:30pm

Engineering & Entrepreneurship: The Internet of Things

Fri., September 30, 2016, 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Governance for Development — Political and Administrative Reforms for Bangladesh

Join us for HUBweek, a week-long ideas festival celebrating the intersection of art, science, and technology across Greater Boston

See events Join us for HUBweek, a week-long ideas festival celebrating the intersection of art, science, and technology across Greater Boston


Lin-Manuel Miranda talks "Hamilton" and Hip-Hop, Power and Playwriting

“Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda talks about finding your voice as a writer and the role of the playwright in addressing history during a conversation with Nieman Foundation Curator Ann Marie Lipinski as part of the Pulitzer Centennial Celebration on Sept. 11-12, 2016

Education gap: The root of inequality

Education may be the key to solving broader American inequality, but we have to solve educational inequality first.

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Sharing the small stuff

The fifth annual Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching conference will be a showcase for “bite-sized innovations.”

The play’s the thing

Students will premiere “Calamus” at the Leverett Library Theater on Friday, with shows continuing through the weekend.

Peeking between memory and perception

Your brain is able to stitch together a coherent 360-degree panorama of the world around you, and now researchers are beginning to understand how.

Douglas Melton wins Ogawa-Yamanaka Stem Cell Prize

Douglas Melton, co-director of Harvard Stem Cell Institute and the Xander University Professor in Harvard’s Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, has been awarded the 2016 …

News from Around Harvard

Call yourself an artist

Obehi Janice talks about collaborating in theater, making her own career success and taking ahold of the character in We’re Gonna Die. By Jake Stepansky ‘17

The Paris Agreement and Beyond: International Climate Change Policy Post-2020

The Harvard Project releases collection of expert briefs on the elaboration of the Paris Agreement.

LLM Short Paper Research Sessions

Arbitration/ADR Friday, Sep. 30th, 12-1pm Areeda 524 In this class, we’ll discuss research resources for your LLM short paper related to arbitration, mediation, negotiation, and more. …

Mapping an artistic odyssey

An aspiring filmmaker relishes collaboration, travel and taking the time to explore artistic expressiveness. By Stergios Dinopoulos ’172016 Artist Development Fellow

Stay-at-home dads: Factors affecting family child-care choices

2016 study in the Journal of Marriage and Family that looks at the factors that influence which married men will become stay-at-home dads. …

Musicologist Puts Race Center-Stage

Digital archives help Oja shape ‘Black Virtuosos and Civil Rights’Radcliffe Fellow Carol Oja continues her work on "Black Virtuosos and Civil Rights," which chronicles the cultural history of a …

Pre-Screening & Discussion: Deepwater Horizon

Wed, 09/28/2016 - 7:00pmSomerville Theatre, 55 Davis Square, SomervilleHLS Dean Martha Minow, the Environmental Law Program, and Lionsgate Films invite you to a pre- release screening of the major …

Carnegie-Knight Forum: Who Makes the News? Journalism and the State of Our Democracy

A Facebook Live presentation of the Shorenstein Center’s reports on the role of the media in the 2016 election and a panel discussion. …