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As a deadly new virus spread across the globe, the Harvard community quickly became a hub for researchers, hospitals, and institutes to share their resources and findings.

Assessing the Delta variant

The coronavirus is ultimately not over, says Chan School's William Hanage.

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The latest information on Harvard University’s on-campus COVID-19 plans

A researcher putting test tubes into a fridge


A crucial aspect of Harvard’s COVID response was the creation of the Massachusetts Consortium on Pathogen Readiness. MassCPR includes scientists from Harvard, MIT, Boston University, Tufts University, the University of Massachusetts, and local hospitals, all united to fight COVID-19 and prepare for future epidemics.

Learn about MassCPR’s response

  • 38

    Institutions receive MassCPR research funding.

  • 557

    Scientists involved in MassCPR.

  • 4,000+

    COVID-19 patient specimens provided to investigators.

  • 1

    Current Harvard president gave blood to MassCPR.

  • 300

    Milligrams of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein produced and shared with scientists.

  • 265

    Hours in Zoom meetings.

Heard immunity

Harvard students talk about family life during the pandemic

Even though there was chaos breaking out everywhere it was just kind of like very peaceful.”

Elijah Suh

After the pandemic forced Harvard to close campus, Elijah had flown to California to be with his mother as she underwent and recovered from a double mastectomy.

Elijah Suh
[M]y relationships changed with friends because I realized that we didn’t really hold the same values or have the same awareness of what was going on"

Anastasia Onyango

When the pandemic forced Anastasia Onyango to leave Harvard she scrambled to pack up her dorm room and move home. The process was “disorienting,” she recalled.

Anastasia Onyango
“Bonding at the table … hearing my dad complain about how he’s bored of ‘Seinfeld’ now, I think that it really added a great routine to our lives."

Phiroze Parasnis

In March 2020, while health and government officials in India scrambled to contain the deadly spread of COVID-19, Phiroze Parasnis and his family watched Mumbai, one of the world’s most populous cities, fall silent.

Phiroze Parasnis

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Harvard offers a number of free online courses that can help you better understand COVID-19.

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