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Summer Reads

In Focus

Summer Reads

We’ve got recommendations from the Harvard community, titles from Harvard authors, and a glimpse inside some new releases.

The characters are beautifully drawn, the writing is exquisite, and the relevance vis-à-vis what’s going on in Ukraine is painful but poignant.”

“The Moon is Down” by John Steinbeck

Recommended by Sarah Whiting, dean and professor of architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Sarah Whiting
This book would be a great read for DIB educators and enthusiasts.”

“We Want To Do More Than Survive” by Bettina Love

Recommended by DeAnza Cook, Ph.D. candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

A woman wearing a yellow jacket stands outside with her hand resting on a white column
A rich novel perfect for those looking for a summer read that will take them to the shore, and offshore.”

Spartina by John Casey

Recommended by Al Powell, senior science writer, Harvard Gazette

A man stands in front of a bookshelf
‘Living a Feminist Life’ is vital summer reading for all willful subjects!”

“Living a Feminist Life” by Sara Ahmed

Recommended by Carolyn Bergonzo, coordinator of academic programs, Harvard Radcliffe Institute

A woman holds a book while sitting under a tree
A collage of book covers that feature interesting heroes and villains

Who is your favorite literary hero or villain?

As readers, we have our favorite characters: the fictional heroes and heroines we’d love to befriend in real life, and the villains we long to see fail.

Harvard faculty share their favorite heroes and villains

Meet the authors

Check out the latest titles from these Harvard authors.

A collage of book covers

Maybe this book will change your life

Books transport readers to different times and places, often leaving an impact that lasts long after we’ve turned that final page.

Harvard scholars share which books left them feeling transformed

Read an excerpt

Get an inside look at these books with excerpts from The Harvard Gazette.

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