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In Focus

A series on race and inequality across the United States.

Part One

a line of police approaching people with their hands up

Criminal Injustice

The first entry in the series explored the experience of people of color with the criminal justice system in America.

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  • An overhaul for justice

“There’s no system too big to reimagine—not even the criminal justice system.”

An illustration of Ana Billingsley in a suit jacket with a colorful background
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  • Solving racial disparities in policing

Experts say the approach must be comprehensive, because the roots are embedded in culture.

A crowd of people marching with signs
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  • The flaws in our data

Professor and computer scientist Latanya Sweeney discusses issues surrounding the increased use of data and algorithms in policing and sentencing.

Latanya Sweeney in her office
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Part Two

An American flag made with plastic strips on a fence

Democratic Deficits

The second entry in our series featured the ideas, research, and actions aimed at making democracy, democratic institutions, and elections more representative.

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  • Fighting for equality at the ballot box

Law School students and affiliates battle gerrymandering and other bars to access.

Some standing in a voting booth
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  • Let all the voices be heard

Aaron Mukerjee talks about the Voting Rights Litigation Clinic.

An illustration of a man with a Vote sticker on his shirt
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  • The roots of a reckoning

Lawrence D. Bobo talks about confronting the long shadow cast by America’s history of deeply fraught race relations and entrenched inequality.

Lawrence Bobo in his office
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Part Three

A city with smog and chimneys

Environmental Exposure

The third entry in our series looks at ways to address the inequalities in climate change response, pollution, and healthcare for communities of color across the country.

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  • In pursuit of climate justice

Two Harvard groups are working to right the wrongs of decades of discriminatory environmental policies with the hope of reversing their effects on the next generation.

A group of protesters with a sign that says climate justice is racial justice
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  • From the experts

“Pandemics like COVID reveal in the most painful way what we need to fix in the world.”

A black and white photo of a man wearing a face covering
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  • The turning point

Renee Salas discusses how climate change is impacting the everyday health of African American, Latinx, and Indigenous Americans.

Dr. Salas smiling in a hospital lobby
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Part Four

A map of boston with the segregated neighborhoods highlighted.

Upward Immobility

The fourth entry in our series looks at ways to better understand the roots of wealth inequality and explores solutions that could help create more equity for economic mobility and opportunity.

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  • Christina Cross

"What we need are policies that alleviate financial hardship and facilitate good, consistent parenting."

An illustration of a woman with spiraling colors
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  • From the experts

Racial wealth gap may be a key to other inequities

A hundred dollar bill cut up into puzzle pieces
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  • Houses and health

Harvard professors discuss the devastating health effects for people living in the shadow of redlining.

A diptych of two professors
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Part Five

An empty school hallway with lockers

Underserved Potential

The fifth entry in our series explores why educational inequity is at the heart of all inequity, and highlights the ideas and actions that can make education a pathway to success for all.

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  • Tauheedah Baker-Jones

“As educators, we are charged with creating engaged citizens who uphold our democratic and pluralistic ideals."

A colorful illustration of a woman
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  • From the experts

How COVID taught America about inequity in education

A young student looking at a laptop in the dark
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  • Podcast

Better college access for Native people

A woman smiling
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